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In case anyone has missed it

I do have a Youtube Channel that I am currently working on. I have talked to someone who will be helping me to grow my channel and will be helping me out with the editing to try and make better quality videos. So while we are waiting for that to happen I urget you to go subscribe to my channel and watch my other videos. They are not all perfect but I do think that some of them are quite fun. 

Since the slow season is here you can expect more videos now that i Have time to sit down and go through my footage. You can also expect there to be some changes to the channel. I am excited to see where this all goes and I cant wait to see what happens next. 

Thank you all for the support! 

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These two pieces are 10% off. Both of them are reasonable prices and are both pretty nice sizes. I definitely think that they would look nice on a wall in a living room or somewhere for guests to admire. 

At midnight these two pieces will go back to regular price and no longer be on sale so get them while supplies last. 




If your interested in these pieces please email me at so that we can chat and talk about getting them to you as soon as possible. If you want to see what other pieces I have in stalk them click here to go check them all out. I have plenty to choose from and they are all made by yours truly. Every purchase you guys make goes towards my New Zealand savings where I will be adventuring for two whole weeks. I am really excited about the trip in itself but I would appreciate purchases to help with the funds. I will be taking lots of photos and videos while I am there so that I can share them with you and tell you all about my experience, recommendations, and etc. 

So please take a look and let me know if your interested. I hope to hear from some of you soon. 


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D and I went out to the Rock out Place yesterday. It had been a little over a week since the last time I climbed so for me it was a nice way to get out and to exercise. I also knew that I wanted to try and conquer a few routes that I had not been able to get the last time I was there. So immediately when we got there I tried out this purple route that had been kicking my ass the last time I went. It was technically a V1 which is a very low level in terms of the climbing and even as a beginner you should be able to get it. I was not successful. Mostly because the higher I got the more "reachy" it became and I just don’t have the flexibility or the reach to get to the next one. But I did get higher up the wall then last time and for me that was a total win. 

But it also seemed that our mutual friend was having problems so I ended up spending a good portion of my time helping him with his tinder profile while I took turns with D on the wall. There were two routes that he had introduced me to and I swear that next time I will get them. They are so difficult and I was really struggling but each time I climbed them I got a little bit more experience and each time I knew how to do them, my body was just not letting me do the route. 

I will say that I am getting better, and my ability to slowly move it is improving. I’m still pretty shy about climbing and I’m weird about people helping out and people watching me but I am trying to get over that. Luckily D is there to make sure it doesn’t become too much for me and is there let me know that I am doing  my best. I want to continue to climb and soon I will be making a transition from 9Round gym to the Rock Out gym so that I can go more and master those routes. 

I can’t wait to see how I progress and what is to come. 


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2018-08-15 13:33 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 8 references

These two pieces are 10% off for the next there days. 





If your interested in purchasing either of these please email thanks y'all!

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2018-08-14 11:38 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 7 references

Don't forget you guys. I still have art pieces that are looking for a new home. It would be awesome if you guys would help me out and purchase some of these Dirty Pour paintings. 





All of these are in need of new homes. And if you want to see more of what I have in stock then click here to check out my inventory. If any of these pieces peak your interest and you wish to purchase some please email me at so we can chat and work out the details. 

I cant wait to hear from some of you and to say goodbye to some of these pieces. 

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