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For the past two weeks I have been running like the wind. It’s quite extraordinary how much I am improving and I just can’t believe the numbers. Last year alone I was running a 3.13 mile in 27:08. Now for some of you guys that sounds pretty fast but to be honest it’s still pretty slow. The average for that is around a 9:30 which is still pretty good but I always want to do faster if it is at all possible. Of course I have no idea what has brought on this sudden burst of speed, maybe the consistency of my diet or maybe the fact that I just do better in the cold, but I will gladly take it and work with it.



Now I can say that I don’t know what this will do when It comes to my races but on Thanksgiving we are doing the Recycle run and even though that is not competitive I will be putting my new speed to the test to see what happens when I am in a "competitive environment". Will I run even faster? Will I just keep pace? How many other females are running that kind of time at this moment? 

The new times I am running opens new possibilities and it just makes me excited to see where I land in this competitive sport. Historically women have always been slower when it comes to running and sadly we may never truly know why that is but just maybe there are a few who will be able to break the barriers and wow the world to seeing a new generation of athletic women. After all we work just as hard if not harder to break barriers and to accomplish bigger things. It will truly be exciting to see if I will continue to stay in the eight minute range or if I will get faster than this. 

Only time will tell. 


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Today is the day. Im going to be taking new photos for all the art pieces that I currently have for sale. It will be exciting because the photos I currently am using are ones that were taken from my phone. Now the photos wont be uploaded until later tonight but I will be in the process of taking them while you guys are reading this. Hopefully this will also help some with the details of what you guys are looking at purchasing. Along with that news I will also be doing some new pieces in the next week. I have a lot to catch up on and I am excited to bring some new to the table and work with my spray paints again. 

With that being said I do hope you guys will look at the pieces I have for sale and let me know if your interested in purchasing any. Quite a few of them have dropped in price and I would love it I could say goodbye to them. 





Please email me at so that we can get these to you as soon as possible. Thank you guys 

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One of the things I did before I left New Zealand was a tour of the Glow Worm caves and the limestone caves. Since I got the Mighty Go Camper I was able to tour three caves for free but due to limited time I was only able to do two of the three tours. One of them was glow worm caves which sadly was off limits to taking pictures. If your ever in New Zealand and on the North Island I recommend doing the Waitomo Glowworm Cave tour. It was a lot of fun, the glowworms were nice and bright and it is the oldest cave for glowworms on the islands. Not only that but if you do rent from the Might Go Campers then it is a free tour and who can argue with free. 

So basically a glow worm is a winged insect. The glow worms have four stages that take about 11 months. The eggs are laid on the walls in clutches of 30 to 40 eggs at a time. Once the egg hatches the larvae emit a light, build their nest and put down lines and feed from them. The lines they put down are sticky (like a spiders web) and those who are attracted to the light that they emit are caught in the sticky thread and from there the thread is then pulled up and the food is devoured. The larvae stage lasts for about nine months. Once that is over it turns into a pupa inside a cocoon and then comes out as a two winged insect. 


Now the interesting thing about this insect is that once it hatches the adult stage only has a few days to live. They have no mouths to eat. No Digestive tract to process food. So, what are they alive for? To have a bunch of sex, lay eggs and then die. Now in this process of being alive there is a very good chance that the insects could get caught in another larve's sticky line and get eaten but if that is not the case then they basically find a partner of the opposite sex and go at it like rabbits. The male dies first and then the female dies after she lays her eggs where the whole process starts over again. 

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So I am now working on the skydiving video that tells you guys how I felt, what its like, the price and etc. Along side that I am working on the Hobbiton one as well. Let me just say that there is so much I wanna talk about. So for now I am going to leave you with the last few videos that I have done. The first is going to be Paragliding, the second Milford Sound, and the third is the Skydiving Wanaka. All of them are so different from each other adn it shows just how much you can do there. You can go from  zero to one hundred or you can just chill out and enjoy your time. Personally I love all views and encourage you to watch them and give me some likes, shares, and comments. 

Thank you guys so much for giving me all this support. None of this would be possible without you guys. I want to continue to grow and make my dreams a reality so I ask you guys to please tell me what you are looking for in this Youtube channel. I am making a lot of changes to it, it just takes time to do them. So while those are underway I would love some feedback. Thank you and I look forward to continuing this journey with you all. 

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I can most definitely say that going through someone else's life is a strange feeling that I am not 100% for or against. While going through grandmas stuff I ended up having so many questions and no answers for them. As I dug through her belongings trying to figure out what I wanted and didn't want I realized just how little I really knew about the family. Grandmas maiden name was hickey and there are so many pictures of her family laying around. To be honest I know none of them and it hit me hard when I was going through all the old photos. They were black and white and there were hundreds of them laying around. Some were stuffed in boxes. Others in some photo albums. They were everywhere you looked and it just baffled me. 

Of course there also were photos of the other side of the family. The gibbons and I also don't know any of them. There are huge photos in frames and luckily some have names on the bottom but there are so many that just say Gibbons and of course that doesn't help me in any way. It's mind blowing to see it all in front of me. A time that I will never see for myself. A time when photos were only just being taken. A time when life was completely different for men and women alike. 

So I'm coming home with hundreds of photos that I get to scrapbook and make sure that they are taken care of and preserved. Of course I don't know a majority of who they are but I still think they are fascinating to look at and to have. They were a time I don't know. A time that I may never know about or what was happening or who the people are but .That doesn't mean I was going to let them get thrown to the waste side .

The times may have changed and nobody else may have wanted them but, I don't mind taking them in and keeping them alive. After all its part of the family history.


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