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It is so strange that I am at this point in my life. I say that because I didn't see it coming. I hoped for it but I try to be realistic with myself on a regular basis. I try to keep things flowing and normal. I try to live a life that I know is worth living and because of that I normally avoid anything that comes to other people. Yet here I am, typing this and telling you all that I have made it to five months with D. Yea. Five whole months. Today is the official mark of a time that I never saw coming my way. 

See I don't like to look at relationships and go "awww thats cute". I just kind of look at relationships as a part of time where things become blurred. You focus on the other person and sometimes you loose sight of yourself. But I do emphasize on the word sometimes because I know that not every person gets caught in the portal of "Falling in love". Not everyone molds with the other person and literally becomes their other half. 

So far my relationship has taught me quite a lot about myself when I am with others. It has given me an extra layer to my identity. I don't always agree that I like being in a relationship and to be honest I have moments where I wonder if I am doing the right thing being in a relationship with another human being. I don't see myself as a keeper. I don't see myself in this light that D sees me in and I will admit that it has been very difficult to adjust. We both are two different people and I don't know what the future holds for both of us. I don't know if we will make it to the end together or if we will split ways someday but I can say that right here, I am very content with him. I am happy he is mine and I am his. 

Who knows what will happen in the future but I look forward to seeing what that future is like. 

Cheers to five months and hopefully many more. 

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Hey! Don't forget that there are plenty of art pieces that are for sale! All of them are looking for new homes and are ready to go .they come with a tha k you envelope that contains a certificate of the painting and of course some business cards of mine so that you can spread the word around to your friends. I appreciate anyone who buys these pieces because not only does it help to lessen the amount of pieces in my home but it also helps fund my travels. 



For example these two prices are part of my dirty pour collection and they are both made on canvas. They are affordable and small so that you can start small and work your way up. Basically get a taste for what I do before you dive into my collection. 

If your interested in these pieces please email me at so that we can chat and get things worked out. These pieces are small enough that I would be able to send them as priority mail so they would be at your day anywhere from 2-5 days! 

If you wish to see other pieces click here 

Thanot as always! 

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When I was in New Zealand I took a tour of the Limestone caves. The tour is called the Ruakuri Cave Tour and it is in Waitomo, New Zealand. It also is near the Glowworm cave tour that I took and you can do a bundle package to see both or all three of the caves they have there. When I was there I only had time to do two of the caves so I was able to experience most of what was avaliable. Personally I thought they were amazing and I am glad I got to see both. It really made me feel small in this world. There is so much to explore and so much around us. This cave is just one of millions and it truly was wodnerous. 

Our guide was one of my favorite guides. He was funny, he was great at explaining everything around us and he gave me time to take photos of the cave and the wonders it held. He was also interested in what I do and we shared everything from politics to photography. 


In any case the caves are truly something and the history behind it is is something else. The cave was discovered somewhere between 400-500 years ago and it was by a maori hunter. While he was out hunting for food he was attacked by wild dogs that were near the entryway of the cave itself and because of that he ended up loosing the kill he made before and fled the area. Later on the elder and his tribe came back to the spot tand killed the dogs and ate them. After that the cave was named after the dogs ('rua means Den. 'Kuri' means Dogs which lead to Ruakuri) and the cave was then used as a sacred burial ground which is now protected with the construction of a sprial staircase that is a safe distance away from the real entrance of the cave. 


To be honest I was surprised by the history of this place. I wasnt expecting it to be a burial ground much less as anything sacred. I think that is what makes this place so facinating though. It adds an extra layer of beauty and depth to the cave itself. All these years of carving paths in the caves and all the work that mother nature did to make it the way it is and now we get to see it with our own eyes. If you ever get a chance to see those caves I would highly recommend it. Its truly spectacular and I enjoyed every second of it. 



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There’s so many things I want to do in 2019. I want to expand, be a part of something and grow as a human. I want to learn more and be someone I can look back at and be proud of. There’s so many places to see, so many things to do and lots of new things that I want to do. I’ve decided to make a list of what those things are and start on them and if I finish a few of them in 2019 I will be more than happy with that. 

  • I want to draw anime again
  • Relearn ASL
  • Start on my journey across the U.S
  • Do some woodwork (make something from scratch)
  • Enter a climbing competition 
  • Go To one of three places. Iceland, Australia, or Hawaii 
  • Expand my artwork and reach new people

Those are the list of things that I want to do for 2019 and like I said, If I only get to go do half of those things then that’s ok. I will take it rather than leave it. I’m looking for bigger and better things and I am super hopeful that things will work out in my favor. I’m rolling the dice on some of these things and I am trying very hard to stay positive through it all. I have so many things I want to do with my life and I have been stalling for a while. I’m in my 20's and I think that it’s time to rock and roll. 

After all, if I keep waiting for it to happen I will never actually do what I want to do. Ill only keep dreaming of it and that doesn’t do anything for me. 

Do you guys have a list of things that you want to do for the next year? If so what are they? 


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So one of the things that I do on the side is I manage my Youtube Channel. I post videos of my travels on there and let you guys know what is going out there in the world. I also post music videos of the scenery around the area, what I saw and the people i met along the way. New Zealand was no exception to this. I have done five videos so far for this amazing journey and number six is on the way as we speak, As you guys wait though check out the video down below. 


Please subscribe, like and follow along for more. 

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