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One of the things that Spice and I have worked on over time is her ability to listen and take some kind of command. As someone who is getting ready to travel the United States with  my cat I want her to be ready for almost anything. So one of the things we do at home is off leash training. At home we have an area where it is enclosed. This is a good place for me to let her off leash and to let her have some free exploring time. Personally I think it is nice to have those moments and it really does help when it comes to giving both us not only space but also time to explore on our own. 

When I take Spice outside it is usually when I need to my artwork. I do it on the table in the back and its right in the center. This way I have a full view and can watch her at all times while I also stay shaded and can work in peace. Once I get to a point in a piece where I need to let it dry fora  certain amount of time I take off my gloves and go to Spice. I usually pet her, give her some loving nad tell her shes a good girl. Then I walk around the area and call her name out until she catches on and follows me. 


I do two loops around so that we can exercise not only her but also the ability to come when called. This gives her a chance to understand what is going on but to do it in a safe place. Sometimes she meows at me while she walks and other times she just follows along as I walk around. 

The more I have exercised this the more she has gotten used to being off leash and the more excited she becomes about going outside and exploring. Every time we get a chance to go outdoors together it gives her some sunshine and me a time to work on my art. Really it is a win, win situation and I Really do enjoy those moments together. 

My adventure kitty is getting more and more adventurous as time goes on. 

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Now I have talked about this before when it comes to traveling but I thought id go ahead and go over it again since I am getting ready for a big trip. For me personally I always prepare for my trips ahead of time. I do a pre-packing stage which involves me going through all my belongings and playing around with what I do and don't need. The general idea is, if I am questioning the item and wondering if I really do need it, then leave it behind. Usually what happens is that people will over pack with items that they think they need but they aren't sure of. Then they pack all these items that they end up not using and its not only a waste of space but also a waste of your time. Not only do you have to move that stuff around but you also have to carry it with you and its extra weight you don't need. 

For this big trip to new Zealand I have decided to break up the load into different parts. The first bag is gonna be filled with clothes, shoes and toilitries. Nothing else. I'm gonna pack items that I can use multiple times and be ok with wearing multiple times. Not only will that save me when it comes to the weight but it will also help me when it comes to washing clothes. I'm sure if I need to I can go to a laundry mat and wash a cycle but really I think I will be ok with this choice. I'm not one to wear a pair a jeans once and then claim its dirty. For me that's just wasting a perfectly good pair of pants. 

Now for the carry on its going to be all camera gear. Lenses, the camera, charging port, batteries, go pro items etc. Really that's quite easy in certain terms but I also have to keep in mind that I am only allowed fifteen pounds for that bag. We do have a small scale which I have learned is a little off when it comes to the weight so I am pulling back a little by putting my go pro and selfie stick in my personal bag. This way I can still be safe in the long run. 

For my personal bag I have chosen my laptop case. That will have the papers, passport, computer, go pro camera, wallet, and etc. Everything else that cant go in the carry on is going to be on me at all times. 

Once everything is pre-packed I make sure to have a small list that I call the "Run down" list. It basically has no details but just has a basic idea of what is needed in every bag I have with me on the trip. The day before I leave for the trip I will go through it all and any items I question I leave behind. This is a second measure so that I know that I am not only saving space but I also am saving my time when it comes to traveling. 

Really I am looking forward to this and I am looking forward to seeing how I put my traveling skills to the test. 

Cheers to a new adventure and stay tuned for all the stories and tips I will learn. 

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I would like to say that I am officially done with death. I mean I have been for a while now and I really have been trying hard to keep it together but now it is over the line. I can say that 2018 has been a year that I would like to move past and never look back on. So many people and animals have passed in such a short time that I am not sure what to do anymore. If anything I am weary of who will be next and so unsure of how to handle it all. I want to say that things will be fine but how will I really know? The truth is, I don’t. I don’t know and I might never now if things will be fine. 

Right now I am tired. Emotionally tired. Physically tired. All around I would like to sleep for a very long time and just forget everybody and everything. I have people left and right who are giving me their condolences and who are telling me how sorry they am and I do accept them and thank them for that but at the same time its making me feel weighed down to hear it all. 

I’m not sure if the God of Death is trying to say something to us or if it’s just that time of the year but I can say that I want him gone and I want him to be gone for a while. Death has taken enough lives and I would like to not be involved in another one for quite some time. 

My birthday vacation is around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. Please oh please don’t let there be any more death. 

Only one can hope that he stays away. 


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2018-09-17 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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In five days I will be turning twenty two. It’s weird to think that another year has gone by and that it went by so quickly. The times really do fly by and I really am surprised by where I am currently. Of course the past six months have been very tiring and I am in much need of a vacation but that is also just around the corner. For me I think its the idea that I am, once again, becoming a year older. It’s a concept that I still haven't exactly excepted and I really do try to wrap my head around the idea. 

Another year of growing older. Another year of learning, adapting, and growing. Another year or craziness, happiness, and laughter. Another year of sadness, acceptance, and mourning. 

It all really comes together and each year I learn something new about myself. Twenty two will be no exception as I embark on a journey to New Zealand a few days after my birthday. Really it is quite a trying time but I am ready for it and I know that when I go on this journey to New Zealand I will be inspired, excited, and ready to take some time away from the world. 

Of course this blog will run as usual and I will try my best to keep you all updated on the birthday shenanigans. I have a lot planned and I am sure that I will learn quite a bit in this beautiful journey that many call home. To be honest I am not sure if two weeks is enough time to really explore this beautiful place but I am sure that I will make use of the time I have to the fullest extent. 

I am ready to fly and to enjoy everything this place has to offer. Five more days till my birthday and nine days till my journey begins. 



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Both of these pieces were inspired by the Hurricane that is about to his Georgia and South Carolina. Of course I really do think that it is unfortunate that this hurricane is coming in since it is going to do a lot of damage and a lot of people are going to be losing their homes. I do hope that people are being safe and have evacuated the area. After all I unfortunately do know how terrifying a category 4 hurricane can be since I have been through one before. We were very fortunate in not loosing our home but if we had evacuated at that time we most certainly would have. 

So these two pieces are inspired by that and if they do peak your interested I would love it if you would email me at so that I can get them to you as soon as possible. They are made on canvas so all you need is a picture hanger to put it up on your wall.



Thank you guys so much and I do hope everyone is staying safe out there. 


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