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So I had an experience that I never expected to have actually happen to me. I was working at my part time job and we were going through the motions of closing the store. Wiping down counters, throwing out trash, restocking, and so much more. We were taking out time and would stop when a customer would come in. Well it just so happens that one of the owners, Dancer, had to go do an interview so for a while I was by myself. This couple comes in, I ask if they would like a free sample of fudge. They say yes, having some and proceed to ice cream. 

Of course as I’m scooping I’m having a little bit of conversation. I get everything they need and we make it to the counter. The guy goes into his pocket, takes out his wallet and pays with cash. I take his cash, ask if he would like a receipt and then proceed hang the change to him. He smiles, thanks me and turns to go but then stops. He reaches into his pocket and says "You know what I’m just going to give you this" and out comes a small book. At first glance it looked like nothing really. I watched as he struggled with it. A card fell out of the book and into the tip jar. He reaches in laughing a little as he said "whoops". 

That’s when I see the title, "New Testament Psalms Proverbs"

Oh my ****ing god. I was being handed a bible. Not only that but he started speaking as he was doing it. Hanging it to me he smiles and says 

"In this bible is a guide for all sinners to reach heaven. You should definitely give it a read" and I saw his eyes look at me quickly. There it was. Judgment. 

But knowing my place and to try and hold back anything I wanted to say I only managed a sentence that would have looked like this if it was captioned. 

" i see.....thank a good night"

Yea. Like that. Most of it was mumbled slightly but he either didn’t care, or didn’t hear me because he smiled and thanked me again before walking out. I’m not going to lie I couldn’t help but feel slightly insulted. I know he didn’t say anything or do much of anything intentionally like that but, i felt it. In any case the bible didn’t make it very far. I don’t have need for a bible and I don’t know anybody who would want one so I gave it to our local depository. 


At least I can say that it happened to me once. 


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2018-02-22 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 29 references

These three pieces need new homes! So these guys are marked down and ready to go!


The Lost City 

Follow the Moon

Fishing for galaxies


If you are interested in buying these please email me at


I would love it if these guys would all go because I am running out of space. Like I said they are all at a very reasonable price and are ready for delivery. 

Thank you for all the support and I hope to hear from some of you soon. 

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Life really has a way of messing with you sometimes. See, a few months ago I became an art vendor at a store in our area. She loved my artwork and agreed to put it in her store, sell it and ship it to customers. To me that seemed like a good idea considering that I hadn’t ever been represented before and I for sure never thought I would get into an area where I can "show off" my work. At the time the lady who owned the store was going through a divorce and I got to learn more about her. 

Quite honestly she was a very nice lady and I did appreciate the space. I hope that things go ok for her but thanks to the divorce and everything going on in her life I had to take out the pieces I left in the store for her to sell. Of course **** happens all the time and I expected something to come around and bite me in the ass. Everything was going really well even though the progress was slow. Something was bound to happen sooner or later. 

So while my dad went out to go run he picked up the pieces from the store and brought them home. We have way too many pieces in the house but it is also very cool to see so many pieces side by side. The progress that shows in each of them makes me very happy to be making art at all. I never thought I would pick up something like spray paint art but I do have a love for it. 

Im just sad that I had to make room for those pieces to come back and for an opportunity to fall through in that way. Life really does have ways of coming back at you.


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This was freshly made yesterday and is now for sale! 

Into the void


Email me at if you are interested in purchasing! Its a smaller piece so if you are looking for something kind of fun and abstract then this is the piece for you! 

No need to frame, its on canvas so as long as you have a picture hanger hook you are good to go!


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I have been asked to do something unexpected. I was asked to teach art to my neighbor’s oldest child. Do to certain circumstances he was pulled from school and is now being homeschooled. Apparently I became a candidate for teaching. To be honest I have never taught anyone my style before and I’m not really sure how to describe art to a kid. Really I do art by how I feel not by any particular rule or guidance. It’s all with how I feel and what is influencing me. It’s all a way to let things go and convey emotions or ideas that I want to share. I’m not an amazing artist and I don’t consider myself a master of anything but I was surprised when I got asked and in a way honored. 

I think me teaching will be interesting and something I am going to have to get used to. I know that I teaching the way I do art will be quite the journey and it may help me grow as a person. After all I have never really worked with kids and I guess learning is always a good thing. I’m excited to see what I can do and how I can help this younger generation grow. I wonder if he is any good. I wonder how he learns and I wonder what kind of art he will create. Everyone has a voice and it can be expressed in many different forms. I wonder what his inner self will say when he gets the hand of it. I wonder what I will learn from him and what he will learn from me. 

Who knows I may influence someone who could have a possible future in the art world. Under the right circumstances and with the right kind of people you can become anything in the world. The more knowledge you know the more valuable you are. 

I wonder what will happen. 


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