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Something hit me last night that I wasn’t a huge fan of. I was at work enjoying my time there when I suddenly started to get sneezy and have some issues with my throat. Every time I went to give an orientation my throat was more and more scratchy and unfortunately we didn’t have any cough drops to help me out. So as the night went on it started to get difficult to keep up with the sneezing. Every twenty minutes I was back in the bathroom sneezing my brains out. I just couldn’t keep up and It was so frustrating to have it happening when there was only a few hours left until we were closed. 

I go to the bathroom to sneeze and when I came back I get sent home because of how I sound (which according to the owner was like ****) so I apologized and went home. Let me say that the rest of the night was hell. I was sneezing, coughing, having trouble swallowing, and so on. It was really quite an issue to have and it sucked to be in that situation and not be able to make it go away. For the entire night I just keep trying over and over to make things better and every few hours I was up taking more cough drops and drinking water like I was in the desert. 

Even as I sit here typing  this article I can say that most of the sickness is gone but unfortunately I still have a very dry throat. Which of course means that I will be eating cough drops like a champ all day today. I’m not sure where this crazy sneezing attack came from but I will gladly give it to someone else in exchange for my ability to breathe again. 

Have you been getting sick this year? 


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If you have seen Game of Thrones then you know that the show itself is full of surprises. Everyone that watches it tells people to not get attached to any of the characters and the warning is for good reason. In this show there is a lot of war, death, blood, gore, strategy, and so on. It’s complex, visual, and just full of humor. It is a show that I think it worth watching but to some it’s too dark for them to even give it a try. For D though it was a show that got him hooked with the first three episodes and ever since those first three we have been working our way through the seasons to try and catch up. Season 8 is around the corner so we wanted to be ready for when they come out. 

Last Night, after we had dinner, we finally got to finish season 7. He had an idea of what was coming but now he is sitting and asking all these questions. Of course that’s everyone when they watch the show. We all have questions that we want answered. (Spoilers from here on out). How will Bran defeat the night king? Is there another dragon involved? Does Sam have the answer to how to defeat the army of the dead? When will Jon find out that he is a Targaryens and not a Stark? 

There are so many questions without all the answers. We are waiting on the edge of our seats after that cliff hanger. It is just crazy how this show gets you going. It’s amazing, dark, gory, sexy, and just plain awesome. Personally I think it is worth just owning the DVDs (which I do) and being able to watch them on repeat until I can't stand it anymore. 

Are you excited for Season 8?


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Yesterday was the Lucky leprechaun race. In the past I have never had the pleasure of being able to do them before and this time I had the chance to run in the race. So I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Of course when it comes to races it means that you have to be up really early to not only wake up but to also have some coffee beforehand. If you don’t give it enough time to settle then things can get a little "messy" while you are out racing. To avoid any messes I take extra precaution. 

For this race I knew that it was on a course that I really enjoy and I also knew that two of my favorite people were running it. One of them was my bf D and the other was my Dad (or as most of you know him, the market ticker). All three of us were running and all three of us were going to see what we could do. For dad and I it was a routine. We run and then I split right when I finish so that I can head to a friend’s house to shower and then go to work right after that. For D it was a test to see how far he had come along in his running. We wanted to see how he would do in a 5k so that we can get a feel for a possible time on a 10k. 

This race was slightly crowded (more than others I have been to) and this one was one of those races that you know everyone is trying to finish quickly so that they can have drinks at the end. So when the race started everyone was moving like a pack. Everyone was moving together for a while and the people that have raced before or were faster than the people in front of us found ways to weave in and out of the crowd so that we can actually challenge ourselves. That quickly happened for me. I found my way in and out of the crowd and I passed many people in this race for the first mile and a half. Once I turned around I saw D and he ended up High fiving me on the way. 

For me it felt like the race was over as soon as it started. My time was really good and I felt good after the race. Of course I Had to catch my breath for a second so that I could actually drive home without suffocating. I had given it my all the last half mile so I was having some trouble with breathing. Once I had cooled down I told my Dad the time I thought D would have and I told him I loved him. Then I went ahead and started making my way back home. 

The day went on and I found out I placed second in my age group which is awesome. I also found out the first place in my age group ran the 5k in 22 minutes which was four minutes faster than me. So I was glad to take second. Dad got third place in his age group so he got to go home with a prize himself. D got to know his time for a 5k and now has a goal to work towards. I think it has lit a fire in him. 


I can't wait to do other races and see how much better and faster we all get. It’s so exciting. 


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So Midnight had destroyed one of my pieces the other day. It was one of my personal favorites so I gave it a try and recreated it but instead of it being on poster board I put it on canvas. It is for sale and ready to rock and roll. If your interested just click the buy now button. 


There also is a new video that came out yesterday and the post for that is here

Please make sure to check out my gallery. I have plenty of options to chose from and all of them are available and ready to go. I do hope you guys will take a look. Thank you all so much. 


p.s- Cheer for me today cause we are running a race this morning. I hope I do well. 

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As some of you know I am now an ambassador for a company called Madera. They plant two trees for every purchase you make on their website. Honestly its pretty awesome and I really enjoy being apart of this company. I ask that you guys check them out and see if anything is of interest to you. You can go to their site by clicking the link here

Every purchase you make not only helps them but also helps me with my future traveling. I really hope that you guys will give it a shot and see what you think. 

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