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While we were on Mackinaw Island we went to the butterfly house. As I mentioned before Butterflies are one of my favorite things to photograph. Mostly because of how beautiful they are. So I decided to just show you guys some pictures that I took. 






These are some of my favorite photos I took. I am considering getting these guys printed on canvas so that you guys can purchase them. But before I do that I want to hear your opinions. 

So here's the question. 

Would you buy canvas pieces of these butterflies? 


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While we were on this latest trip I finally got to play with my star lense. It was a night where the sky was clear of clouds and even thought it took until midnight for it to get dark, I was still excited about the whole thing. For most of the night we hung out by the campfire and drank together while we waited for the perfect time to go to the dark park. It was nice and we had some entertainment with our neighbors and their hammock. See the kids over there had decided to get in the hammock and then be swung really high, almost to the point of being launched out of the hammock and on to the hard ground. Luckily the kid didn’t have that happen but, we both were secretly waiting for that moment. 

Once it got dark we decided to go to the ranger station that had this little area by the beach. Supposedly it was just as good as the dark park so we decided to give it a try. Once we got to the parking lot we got out of the car and set everything up. The sky was clear and there were no lights in sight. So without waiting too much longer my dad showed me how to use the lenses. 

The thing about the star lense is that it is all manual so you have to pay attention to how you adjust your settings. Every little thing you do can change the composition, the lighting, focus, and so forth. So I sat there and moved the camera around while I played with numerous things. I was a literally a kid in a candy store while we were there. Ever since my Dad told me about how he used to take star photos I have always wanted a taste of that for myself. I love the night sky and I love learning new things. 


So here is a sneak peak of one of the photos I took while we were out there. Can you see the Big Dipper? 



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If I have to be honest the past few months have been pretty difficult. We've been having some family issues and its been difficult to deal with. This last trip up North though gave us some answers and I think not only reassured me but my father as well. It made us see things with our own eyes and have us something to go on for what will happen in the future. So with that my attitude has done a 360. Everytime I went to my part time job my head was filled with all these thoughts and questions. I had no idea what was going to happen and I was irritated being stuck in a store while my family was falling apart. Its one thing for you family to go through stuff and not know whats really going on vs knowing and excepting it. 

So now that we both know more of what is happening we both can focus on the best route and just move forward.

Im happy to be back home and im happy we got a chance to do what we needed to do not only as individuals but also as a family. Things are not going to be easy but we can do what we can to soften the blows that are coming our way. All I have to do is keep moving, stay positive, and not let everything get to me. After all the future is bright and I want to make the best of it. 


In other news I am making big plans for September and I am sure that you guys are gonna love what I have in store for you all. I know I am excited for it. For now I will leave you with this little hint. 

-Its out of the country and there may be some hobbit's involved. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

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We made it home safe and sound yesterday. If I do say so myself I think the trip was quite the success. One of my favorite things that we got to do was go to the butterfly house and take photos with the cameras. Except this year I got a chance to take photos with the macro lenses. You guys, these photos are so beautiful and I can't wait to edit all of them and share them with you. I might even get some printed on canvas and sell them so that you guys can have a little piece in your home. Of course I don’t know how many of you are into butterflies but I personally think they are a treat. Each one is so unique and has its own personality. 


It took some time to get some of these photos but as you can see, from the one up above, that they have turned out beautifully. I will be considering ordering some of these photos on canvas so that you guys can purchase them. For now though you will have to admire the photo. If your interested in butterfly canvas prints please let me know and I will see what we can do to get them sooner rather than later. 

The other fun thing I got to play with but I have not edited was the star lenses that I got for Christmas. The second night we had pretty clear sky’s so we took advantage of the time and went to this park not far away. Let me tell you guys, I was like a kid in a candy store. I absolutely loved playing with the star lenses and just being able to see them and capture them really warmed my heart. I love the night sky so for me this was a moment that I won’t forget or let go of. I can already feel my fingers tingling at just the thought of playing more with those lenses. 

Of how the future really does look bright. 


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This is the last call. 

The sale for 10% off of all my art pieces ends at midnight! If anyone is interested in purchasing my artwork this is your time to reach out and purchase some. 

All of these pieces are made with love and are ready to go to a new home. 



If you want to see more of my pieces click the link here. On that page is a picture of the piece, the size, and the price. If you see one that your interested in please reach out to me by emailing so that we can work out the details. 

Thank you guys so much for this and for being so awesome! 

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