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One of my favorite things about photography is that you can express almost anything you are feeling in a single image. You can create illusion, give off a wow factor, capture a moment in your family, and lock in memories that you may one day loose details to. For me photography has always been around but it hadn’t been in the family until I was in high school. My dad used to take photos of the galaxies and stars with old school photos that you took through a telescope. Back then it was guess work on where you pointed and shot and you had to wait for long periods of time and hoped and prayed you got a good image. Really it was all luck and intuition that got you the right image. Now we can take a photo with the click of a button and see it in seconds. There is no more waiting hours on end for the result. It’s one, two, three, shoot and there it is. 

Honestly I’m not sure what caught my attention. I think it’s just because I was never all that good at hand drawing landscapes and I couldn’t draw people worth a damn. I loved art and I always wanted to create something for the world to see but it never came my way. I remember how excited I was when I got to play with my Dads camera. I was always stealing it from him and taking hundreds of random photos. I went from the sky to fake plants. I really was just throwing things around and hoping for something to come out right. From then on I became attached to the idea of capturing something I imagined. I wanted to make things with my photos and I wanted to know what I had to do to make the images better. 

From there I ended up expanding with people and took photos of a band that was in town. They really kick started something for me and even though I got no money from them, I enjoyed the practice. Every shot you take means you learn something new and for me it was the beginning of something that I wanted to perfect. I took my camera to school, on walks, to the backyard, around my room, in the car, and so many different stores. I have no idea how many photos I have shot and I am sure its thousands upon thousands in my archives and going through them can take days if not years to see. I was so obsessed but because of that obsession I became decent at what I do and it is now a part of my dream. I love photography and I love being creative and getting closer to the details. I love capturing moments and sharing them for the world to see. 

You never know when your passion will cross your path and I know my dad started something that I will never give up. I love what I do and I love capturing the moments while I am here on Earth. 


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One of the life changing things I did when I was seventeen was donate over half of my room. There was a moment in my life where I realized all the stuff I had was causing problems. I had nowhere to go in my room, it was cramped, items were never used, and I felt like I was hording instead of collecting items that I found to be useful. So I decided one day to go through my room and get rid of items that I no longer loved. I started with one corner of my room and quickly I built up a mound of stuff. Soon I had trash bags slowly filling in the hallway. Clothes, Cd's, movies, old Barbie items I had stored away, books, You name it and it was either in the trash pile or in the donation pile. I even gave away a guitar because I never used it. All this clutter and I never realized how much I was hording away in my tiny room. 

After I had managed to go through my room, which took several days, I went through all the stuff that I had stored in the front room of our house. The front room has gone through several stages in the time we have lived here. It used to be a pinball room, and then it was a studio, a room for storage, and so many other transformations that I am sure the list takes up a whole page. For me there was this moment that really hit me as I finished up going through all my stuff. I mean it was piles and piles of trash bags that held things that I used to love. All the items had expired and I had no need for them in my life. I had even managed to encourage my dad to emptying out a couple things in the house just so I wasn’t the only one who had done something so bold. 

After we had finished going through everything we then decided to go ahead and take it all in the truck to goodwill. I remember the guy's faces. They were surprised when we opened the back of the truck. It was jam packed and they even asked if we wanted a receipt for everything we just donated. We told them no and they seemed to be taken aback by the sudden large amount of items that we gave away. I remember them doing a couple of extra "double takes" as we got back in the truck. I don’t think they expected anyone to make such a huge donation. 

Ever since then I have donated in some form almost every six months. I like to go through my items, see what I don’t want and then throw them in trash bags and set them aside. My dad has even gotten to a point where he donates with me. He will give a little of something and I think it makes him feel good that he is letting go of unwanted items. 

Sometimes decluttering your life can be really difficult but there is nothing wrong with trying to let go of the things we hold close to our hearts. Sometimes we hang on to too much and you would be surprised at how wonderful of a feeling it is to let go of the materialist items. For me its a nice reminder that even though I have all this items I can still let go and remind myself of how little materialistic things mean in life. 

Don’t be afraid to let go, make a change and declutter your life. You never know, you may feel better afterwards. 


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Dieting. I have never been really any good with that word or that actual action. See I have this bad habit of loving sweets. I love ice cream, peanut butter items, fudge, I mean you name a sweet and I probably have had a problem with it in the past or even now. My all time favorite thing to eat though would be Reeses Pieces. I can eat a whole entire bag in minutes. Honestly I feel like a vaccum when I eat sweets and I never turn it off when it starts happening. Once I taste them I just want more and more and more. 

But with my half marathon training at the halfway point I have decided to go on this diet/low carb diet with my dad. see he is also doing the race but he wants to actually PR the race itself. So of course he is limiting himself on his favorite thing to drink, beer. To him beer is a wonderful thing and he is always trying new beers out or is at the bar with his friends after a run. I don't know how he does it. I think beer tastes like horse******but that is just my opinion. 

So even though I know this will be a terrible decision I have decided that I needed to go on this diet with my dad. I have let my sweet loving self get out of control and I need to dial it down to a minimum. I don't want to be three hundred pounds someday, I just want to be happy, healthy, and I want to do pretty good at this race. It'll be hard and I know that So far I have been doing ok with my training. Maybe this will give me that extra boost that I need to finish it at a decent time and to be ready for the race itself. I know that I want to do the half marathon and sometimes when you want to do things you have to sacrifice the things you love from time to time. 

Half Marathon training is now being turned up. 

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There are people who like cats and There are those who don't like cats. Everytime I run into someone that doesn't like a cat or thinks that cats aren't loving creatures well then I would say you are wrong. I think those that don't like cats are those people who have never chosen a cat that has chosen them. Cats all have different personalities and yea they aren't AS cuddly as dogs but they do have their moments of affection. If  you don't pick a cat that fits to your personality then that cat will do everything it can to make your life a living hell. For my family cats are pretty good companions that don't require very much at all for the lifestyle we live. My father and I are gone a lot of the time and having an animal that can be left at the house for a week with food/water and a litter box is quite the seller to us. Honestly i'm not sure what life would be like anymore without our cats.

Ive talked about my cats a little bit on this blog and it seems to be overdone but I honestly didn't have a strong opinion on it until Cinnamon came into my life. My grandmother has always had cats and each one was very different and unique. They used to have this one cat in particular who knew when it was time to play based on when my grandfather put on these specific gloves. He had nasty claws so they took a precaution. That cat then learned that play time was when the gloves came out. Then he could really get down to business. There was another cat that loved the bite your toes at night just because he could.

In the present time we have two cats that are two very separate beings. Cinnamon Spice was raised by me from the time she was a kitten so some of the things she does it from my influence. She loves human food and is always stealing it if you aren't paying attention to it. She will eat almost anything and everything. Midnight is a very picky eater that won't eat most processed foods. Spice loves to lay on my chest and give me head butts all night long. Midnight hates being picked up and the closest he gets to you at night is usually right up against your side. Spice only meows when I am separated from her. Midnight meows when he's hungry/there's another cat outside/ or just because. Honestly he seems to be the big talker in our family.

My point is, every cat is different and I honestly think people misunderstand cats. They all are different and if you don't like them because of one bad experience with a cat then you really are missing out. You just have to get to know them first. That's all. Judging a book by its cover can really make you ignorant to how things are. You just have to give these animals a chance.

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I used to be terrible with technology. My specialty seemed to be computers. My dad would always be upgrading two things throughout my childhood. Cell Phones and Computers/Laptops. I can’t begin to tell you how many cell phones I have gone through and how many laptops I have nearly busted. Virus meant nothing to me when I was in middle school and I didn’t think anything of my actions. Honestly I thought that computers just took care of themselves in some way. I thought that maybe my dad was cleaning up behind my back or something. Maybe something magical happens at night when I sleep. I had no idea. Really all it was to me was an access to things I didn’t have in the physical world. Each time I got a laptop I always ended up getting viruses on it. The fastest I have ever gotten a laptop to stop working was a little under twenty four hours. My dad gave it to me as a present and it broke down overnight because of all he stuff I was uploading onto the laptop itself. Luckily he always managed to save the laptop at the last second. 

With cell phones it was a little different. I have always had a nasty habit of breaking a phone within a year time. I honestly have done it all when it comes to phone destroying. I’ve dropped a phone all kinds of ways and I had one go out on me from that. I’ve drowned a cell phone in a bag with an open water bottle. Drown one in the shower. Have one nearly explode from plugging it into a bad charger. I mean I have done it all when it comes to ways that I have murdered my cell phones. I got lucky to have a father that never ran out of cell phones to try so when I broke one he usually had a backup phone that was still in decent shape (since he never damaged his phones) and he didn’t mind giving me. 

Now I have done a little better with taking care of my technology. I think it comes down to time and money. For my biggest Christmas Present I got a new laptop and ever since I have gotten my own laptop that was to my specifications, not a hand me down I do take better care of it and I haven’t crashed it with a virus yet. In fact it still runs perfectly, no scratches on the screen and is pretty clean. As for my cell phone situation, it hasn’t changed that much. The only thing that changes is the size of the cell phones. I can barely take a picture now with my fingers, to me that’s ridiculous. But I have managed to take better care for it wear wise. It’s nice to have your own stuff and to know that if you break it, there is no back up so taking care of your items is a real thing. So be careful out there, sometimes backups may not happen at all. 


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