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Yesterday I sold one of my older pieces and I couldn't be more excited about it. It is a piece I have had for quite some time and I was a little worried that nobody would purchase it. Yet someone finally gave it a shot and ordered it. I am super stoked. No matter how small the purchase is, every little bit really does help and will go towards my Iceland trip. So thank you purchaser (if you are reading this) for being amazing for helping me out. It means a lot. 

Today is a busy day and I have plenty on my list. I finally am starting to feel more like myself again and I am starting to get back into my normal routine. Really its quite nice to have those moments and to be able get back to where you were before things had gone sideways. For me it is a time to get things rolling and to really get back into the game. I know what I want and I know how to get there so its time to be real and to push past all the feelings and this wall that has been blocking my way. 

I am stoked about the next few months because this is a time for me to really put things out and to start making strides to a bigger and brighter future. 

SO I hope you guys will continue to support me and will continue to push me to bigger and better things. 

Cheers to what is to come. 


Purchase this piece today! It is small enough to go into a priority box so it is easy to ship out and will be at your home in 2 days! If that isn't a steal then I don't know what is. 
This piece is made on a wood panel so it is super easy to hang up. All you need is a picture hanger, a small space to hang it, and it is ready to go. If you want to see other pieces like it just click here to go to my gallery! 

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Next Month is going to be quite a busy one with Mackinaw, the Twenty One pilots concert, and of course work. Work has finally decided to give me some morning shifts and I am super stoked at the change of time and scenery. Of course I will be working almost every single day next month but quite honestly, that is ok. Why? Well because I'm getting ready to go to Iceland and I have to make money some how. 

In the meantime though I ask that you guys take a look at my gallery and purchase some artwork. A lot of prices have changed so they are even cheaper and more affordable then before. So go check it out by clicking here. I have a long few months ahead of me so any purchases would be appreciated. 


[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

New pieces will be coming out in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled. 

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Iv'e started to compile a list of places I want to visit in Iceland and along with that the prices of each thing I want to do. Its annoying to have to sit there and dig through every option that is open to you but, it is necessary. I have four months to figure out how I want to go about this trip and I am getting more and more excited as the days count down. Yet four months is still a ways to go. So I have to reel myself back in and look at which trip is next. 

Mackinaw. In about two weeks time my father and I will be doing our yearly trip up to Mackinaw island and Mackinaw City and I am so excited to go back there. I love the weather, the scenery, and just the calmness of it all. It's an escape from the normal and its a way for me to reset myself and to come back and work hard. Not to long after that I have a concert in New Orleans and I am super stoked to get to see New Orleans and to also see one of my favorite bands in concert. Twenty One Pilots. 

D and I saw them in Tampa but the seats were pretty far from the stage itself so we had made a decision to go and see them again (but it was by my demand) with seats that were five rows away from the stage. D wont be going with me but I will be going no matter if I am alone or with someone and I am super stoked for that as well. My favorite band playing live and in a place that I have never been to before. Just marvelous. 

There is so much happening in a short span of time and I couldn't be more thrilled to enjoy each and every second of it. Even with all these difficult decisions, tragedies, and surprises I am still moving forward and enjoying life. 

So cheers to the adventures that are coming up. Stay tuned to hear all the details. 

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In a little over four months I will be in Iceland all by myself and I am not going to lie...I am so excited about it. Not only do I get to go to another beautiful country but I also get a chance to see an amazing and beautiful country but I also get a chance to reset myself before 2020 comes crashing in. I honestly am a little nervous about next year and I have no idea what will happen. I thought that for 2019 I would be anywhere and everywhere. I imagined myself being on top of mountains with my cat just sipping on my coffee and living my life. I thought I would be 1000% in it to win it and that everything would just fall into place for me. As it turns out I was wrong. 

So far 2019 has been a year filled with surprises and even though I am grateful for them I also am anxious to move forward. I almost feel like my life has been set on pause and even though I hate saying that I do feel it in myself. I feel slightly concerned with were I will go in the next few years and I am concerned as to how I will handle being on my own.

Yet at the same time I am hopeful. I want to continue to grow, expand and learn. I want to see everything and anything. I want to be able to share my story with others and I want to be able to be happy every single day. I want that more then anything and I can see myself in that position. I can feel it in my dream and I feel like it is so close that I can almost taste it. 

I was made to live my best life. I was brought into this world to explore, be free, and I really do believe that. 

So I ask you guys to check out my artwork and see if anything peaks your interest. All purchases help me out and will go towards all my traveling. I have so many plans and I want to see what this world has to offer. The prices on my pieces has changed slightly so keep that in mind as you look at my gallery. Thank you guys so much and I hope you all will continue to support me and my traveling journey. 


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So it happened today. I got the approval to go ahead and do this three piece set for immamuel church in Destin Florida. I am super excited to do this piece for them and I am super excited to see what other opportunities this opens up for me. Its been an emotional 2019 so far and I have made some decisions that have changed my life and the way that I look at things. I am working on getting my RV for next year, im helping my father possibly move, I got a new job at a climbing gym, I broke up with my bf due to issues we were having, I started doing YouTube on a more regular basis, and now I am taking the next step in my art career. 

I am so excited to see what comes from this and I am so excited that I get to make a piece that will forever be in this amazing church. Life is crazy, hectic, sad, happy, and always changing. You never know what can happen and what decisions you will be forced to make. You never know what will come your way and what will be presented to you. I'm looking for an amazing, crazy, outgoing, and loving life. I want to fulfill all my dreams and just be me. 

I appreciate you guys for being there and for doing all that you do. I appreciate all of you for purchasing my artwork and for helping me to make my dreams come true. I still have plenty of artwork for sale and I still am making videos for you all to see. 

Man is life full of surprises. 

Here I come Summer of 2019. Lets get this party rocking and rolling. Next up, the Mackinaw lilac  Race. 

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