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The trip to Iceland is getting more and more official as time goes on. I just booked the camper van and after that I will be booking reservations at the blue lagoon and for a tour of the Northern Lights which will be exciting and magical. I really cannot wait to see what this country has to offer and what comes from this trip. There are so many things I want to do and so many people I want to meet. I do hope that I Can make at least one new friend there so that if I come back I can hangout with them and see the country through their eyes. 

There are plenty of things that we are going to do while we are there and one of them is snorkeling over the tectonic plates. I think that will be an interesting sight to see and getting pictures of it will be quite the sight. Of course I don't want to think about how cold its going to be there but I am sure I will freeze my booty off. 

To help me out for this trip I do ask that you guys check out my pieces. They are all 10% off right now and each and every one is ready to go to new homes. All purchases you make go towards that fund and I couldn't be more excited to do everything and anything there is. I will also be hunting for a camper van to live in so that is even more to add onto my list. So every purchase helps. 


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Thank you all for your support and I can't wait to see what comes out of 2019. 

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This weekend was amazing. With four hundred pinball machines to play I felt like I was in a heaven or sorts. You had old mixed with the new and it was a glorious thing to have. There were so many games that I didn't get a chance to play but at the same time I knew that even if I tried to play them all that I would fail. All these machines have a history and each one has been touched up, fixed, or replaced in some way. I honestly saw things that I never thought existed. There were machines that were based off of bowling and they were so unique that I was surprised to see them. There were also machines that we love playing and sadly we do not yet own. It was a place that I was so in love with that I never wanted to leave. 


Sadly though we had to leave on Sunday after the place closed and after our last game we took one last look around and took it all in. This magical place filled with all these pinball machines, old and new, would be closed for the rest of the year after today and with that in mind we sadly said goodbye to all four hundred machines. The weekend was filled with drinking, smoking, laughter, pinball machines, and a memory that will always be there. I had so much fun and I can't wait to go back next year. If you have never been to this place and you love pinball as much as I do then you need to go. Its worth every penny and you will enjoy being surrounded by all these wonderful machines. 

I know I had a blast and I felt right at home and if you love pinball then you will to. 


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Yesterday was the start of a long but amazing weekend. We are up in Ann Arbor Michigan and we are enjoying the craziness of having 400 pinball machines around us. We get to choose which ones we wanna play and they are available for the the entire weekend. With Friday down and today now up in the air I can say that without a doubt I am super excited for what comes today. There are so many that I didn't get to even consider playing yesterday so today I am going to be hitting as many tables as I can. Of course we will be taking a break somewhere in that time and I will probably hit up the gym for a few hours but after that I am heading straight back to the pinball. 


I also will be doing a video on this place and let me say that the footage looks amazing. Usually I have some bounce when I am walking around and videoing but the footage I have for this event is nice and smooth. I am so excited to share with you all and I cannot wait to see what footage I get today. If you are a pinball fan then you HAVE to come and see this collection next year. Its worth every penny and worth every second you spend there. 


While you guys are waiting to hear more about this amazing pinball convention I do ask that you guys check out my art pieces. They are all 10% off right now and each and every one of them is ready to be sent to your home. If you want to see all that I have in stock then click here. 

Also make sure to go check out my YouTube channel where I just dropped a new video about New Zealand Yesterday. Thank you guys so much. 


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One of my favorite things about New Zealand was the ability to go where I wanted and when I wanted to. It was such a big place and it was beautiful in every way. They had all these amazing places, they had all these amazing views and they had so much you could do at every turn. It was one of those places that I could see myself living for a very long time. It just had everything I needed and because of that I am looking to go back in the next few years and spend a few months there. I think it would be good to have some time there and to just enjoy that amazing country. Of course living there isn't really an option since the prices of living there has gone up but the option to live in a camper van for a few months is much more acceptable. 


On Friday I am going to be going over my expenses, experience and my recommendations. I might make it into a three part series but I am not sure yet. So make sure to go to my YouTube channel and subscribe so that you can get a first look at what I have in store for you. I think it will be a lot of fun to video and share. It might even help some of you for when you go to New Zealand yourself. So make sure to check out my Youtube Channel, subcribe, like and share. I have so much coming your way and I am so stoked to talk about it with you guys. 


Who would have thought I would be getting this serious about Youtube. I just hope you guys will continue to support me and give me all the love you can. 


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I haven't really been talking about my travel experiences and  for that I do apologize. So i'm gonna do my best to steer back in that direction. 


In two weeks we are going to Ann Arbor Michigan to go play some pinball machines for three days. Its been a few years since we have been up there so I am really excited to go back. They have over two hundred pinball machines that are fully functional and you get to play them for as long as you want. Really it is a dream to be able to play them. There are machines that I have never seen before and for my father and I it is like a little slice of heaven.

A few years ago we played a pinball machine called Apollo 13 and when we got back my dad heard that there was a machine in the area that was for sale. He quickly grabbed a chance to go see it and got it on a huge sale. Now it is in our home, fully operational an in its full glory. Of course if we hadn't played it at the actual pinball place we would have never bought it when we got back home. The machine itself is made by sega and usually the machines aren't all that great. The game is normally very simplistic and they play very different then the William's and Bally machines. 

Luckily we both had agreed that Apollo 13 was different. So now it is in our care and a part of our family. I'm hoping that sometime soon we will be able to get more machines and grow the collection ever so slowly. I would love to have that happen. 

For this trip I will be videoing this experience and sharing it with you guys. This place is amazing and it deserves to have a video made about it. Its beautiful and I love being able to support a place that puts everything they can into making sure these machines stay functional for many years to come. 


To help support the trips to come please check out my artwork. I have plenty of pieces that are for sale and we have so many trips coming up in the next few months. Thank you all so much for your support. 

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