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So it happened today. I got the approval to go ahead and do this three piece set for immamuel church in Destin Florida. I am super excited to do this piece for them and I am super excited to see what other opportunities this opens up for me. Its been an emotional 2019 so far and I have made some decisions that have changed my life and the way that I look at things. I am working on getting my RV for next year, im helping my father possibly move, I got a new job at a climbing gym, I broke up with my bf due to issues we were having, I started doing YouTube on a more regular basis, and now I am taking the next step in my art career. 

I am so excited to see what comes from this and I am so excited that I get to make a piece that will forever be in this amazing church. Life is crazy, hectic, sad, happy, and always changing. You never know what can happen and what decisions you will be forced to make. You never know what will come your way and what will be presented to you. I'm looking for an amazing, crazy, outgoing, and loving life. I want to fulfill all my dreams and just be me. 

I appreciate you guys for being there and for doing all that you do. I appreciate all of you for purchasing my artwork and for helping me to make my dreams come true. I still have plenty of artwork for sale and I still am making videos for you all to see. 

Man is life full of surprises. 

Here I come Summer of 2019. Lets get this party rocking and rolling. Next up, the Mackinaw lilac  Race. 

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Yesterday I sat down and did quite a bit of thinking when it came to my art pieces and my prices. After some deliberating I changed some prices and today is the last day of my art sale. Which means that the pieces I will be putting down below will on a SUPER sale. 



All of these pieces are an extra 10% off  so if any of them interest you then email me at so that I can send a personal invoice to you. Thank you all so much for your support and I hope that some of you guys will help me clear out my gallery and help me save up for Iceland. 

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So I am sure that some of you are wondering where the video I promised you is. The answer to that’s on the way. It probably won’t be done till later today due to the fact that I got distracted and started cleaning out my room. See every year I donate things to lessen the load on me and to also make sure that I don’t start hoarding items. So I go through everything I have. Clothes, CD's, Dvds, boxes, bags, etc. I go through it all and I make a pile of items that I am going to donate and then I donate them as quickly as I can so that I don’t second guess and decide I need to go back and save them. Sometimes it’s difficult but honestly its actually quite nice to do it every year. It helps me and it makes me feel good about myself. 

When I was sixteen I started donating and the first time i ever donated stuff I literally filled the hallway. I had so much that I didn’t want or need anymore and because of that I decided to stick with the process. Honestly I just don’t get why people hang onto things. I understand that some items will always hold a place in your hearts. I understand that it’s hard to let go of the past. I understand that you just can't come up with any reason to say goodbye to the items you cared for all these years.  


Yet the reality of the situation is that we are such materialistic people. We always want to keep things and we always want to have this stack to someday hand down to our children. We think its a good reason so we hang on to things. We hoard and we become obsessed but the real situation is, we have to learn to let go. Let go of things that are taking space you need. Let go of things that you haven’t used in years. Let go of the memories that hold you captive (good or bad). Let go of a life that could make things really difficult on you later in life. 

So yes, I know I owe you guys the last video of this New Zealand series and I promise you it will be uploaded sometime today. You might not really see it till tomorrow but it will get done. Right now I am just trying to de-clutter my life and I hope you all can understand that. 


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2019-05-16 13:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Tomorrow I will be releasing the final video of my three part series about New Zealand. I am pretty excited to release the last video and to finally complete this chapter that I promised you guys. I am super pumped about it and all that is to come. With this new video I will be working on a new look for the channel. New cover photo, possibly a new URL, and of course I am working on some ideas to make a logo (but that is still up in the air). 

I am really excited to continue this journey with you guys when it comes to my blog and YouTube channel and I have so much to offer you all. In September and early October I am going to Iceland and I cannot wait to see this beautiful country that I see all over Instagram and YouTube. I want to see it with my own eyes and I want to share that experience with you all. I hope to inspire you to make the same journey I will make. 

 So please check out my YouTube channel. I have so much more to come and every other Friday I release a new video for you guys. I am super excited about this and I cannot wait to see what comes from all my travels and support that I have received. 

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