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I remember my Grandfather's funeral really well. It was thanksgiving and when he passed away I knew that my family was going to have a hard time. At that time my girlfriend was with me and she made sure that I stayed stable the entire time. I got along with my Grandfather more than I do my grandmother and honestly I am not sure why. To this day I think I am still on better terms with Grandpa then Grandma. 

In any case the service was really nice and I had to go up on stage and speak a line at my grandfather’s funeral. My grandmother had insisted and with much effort and sadness I managed to get the lines out. It was the only time during the entire service where I almost lost my calm and collected self. Truth be told I was probably more collected then most people are at funeral services. Even when my Dad did Grandpas obituary I felt like it was a perfect way to send him off. 

Now my family is very weird. Specifically my father and I. I remember that we had talked about how he would like to be sent off. We had talked about several different options and I told him that I would send him off like Darth Vader was but do it on a floating device over the water. I would make it epic for him. He didn’t seem to mind, as long as his ashes made it to the ocean he was ok with it. 

My Grandpa's service was nice and very fulfilling for the kind of man that he was. My grandpa didn’t want to be buried and of course my Grandma does. So she did something that I am not sure was entirely up 100% up to what Grandpa wanted but then again marriage is about compromise. My grandma got my Grandpa cremated but then his ashes were buried. Way to go Grandma, always finding  a way to make you both happy. 

After my Grandpa's passing we had to deal with the family drama that came from my aunt, I had to hold off my girlfriend from bashing her face in, and of course deal with my cousin and her friends at the same time. It was hectic and not my cup of tea. I wanted to have a time where we could mourn him and all my family was either super sad and in the process getting ready for dinner or getting up to cloud nine to forget how sad we all are. I left and went on a walk and when I returned my family was ready to eat and honor my Grandfather with a toast. 

Sometimes I wonder how I will be sent off. Who will read my obituary. If anyone will care when im gone. I mean, I am sure all of us have thought about it and have imagined it at one time or another. Life is so amazing and I wonder if when you die its black or if you go somewhere else. 

Only the dead will know that answer. 


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Need something small and interesting to look at? Something that makes you take a double glance and ask questions? Well look at these pieces. 





Both of these pieces I left with interesting colors and stories. They both are small, made out of canvas, and ready to be in your homes turning the wheels in your brain. I hope that someone will give these pieces a nice new place to call home. 

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Sometimes when I look at abstract pieces I get lost in them. I think about the story behind them, who made it, why they made it that way, is there some reason they made it or was it random? Everything is thought through. The painting takes me away and into its space. Personally I experienced that with two of my pieces. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

This pieces is one of them and it is a very interesting piece. I love the way the colors blend and you can follow any section of the painting and you get some interesting movements. I think its almost perfectly divided and that’s what I love about it. If you like something that is easy to hang, gives a nice calm but interesting vibes then I would consider this piece in your home. 

Just email me here: and we can talk about shipping and getting it to your wall as soon as possible!


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I have a few favorite scenes from Fantasia that I wish I could recreate in my artwork. I wish I could recreate the scene at the end flawlessly. Mother nature is represented so beautifully there and I have always loved that scene. From Childhood to Adulthood I have always found that piece to be the most interesting.It not only represents life and death but it also represents friendship and love. For me I think that will always be my number one when it comes to the order of the scenes. Of course watching from the time I was a little girl to adulthood has really given me an appreciation for the movie and all that was put into it. So of course I expressed my feelings towards this movie by having this piece done.


This piece is represented from the opening part of Fantasia 2000. The butterflies are so simplistically beautiful that I wanted to try and recreate them. Of course I don’t have that much artistic ability but I think I did a pretty ok job. If you feel like you need some fantasy from the movie represented in your home...well this is the piece for you! 

If your interested please email me at: 


Thank you so much!


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"Sun down and Rise up" - Captain Jack Sparrow



Have you ever had to do something like turn a ship upside down to get back to the world of the living? No? Well Captain Jack Sparrow has and I highly recommend trying it if your ever in a pickle. Of course Captain Jack is a very special case but that doesn’t mean you can't dream like him. This painting is a representation of his genius. If you feel like you need something to remind you of that moment that may or may not happen in your lifetime then I highly recommend purchasing this piece. 

Of course all you need is a nice place to show it off, a hammer, and a picture hook. Then you can just throw this up on the wall and feel like your life has a bit more of that Captain Jack Sparrow Genius. 

So reach out to me at this email: 

I will do my best to make sure this piece gets to you quickly so that you can be apart of the adventure. 

Thank you all so much and I hope this piece gets to go to a new home. 


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