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Hey! Don't forget that there are plenty of art pieces that are for sale! All of them are looking for new homes and are ready to go .they come with a tha k you envelope that contains a certificate of the painting and of course some business cards of mine so that you can spread the word around to your friends. I appreciate anyone who buys these pieces because not only does it help to lessen the amount of pieces in my home but it also helps fund my travels. 



For example these two prices are part of my dirty pour collection and they are both made on canvas. They are affordable and small so that you can start small and work your way up. Basically get a taste for what I do before you dive into my collection. 

If your interested in these pieces please email me at so that we can chat and get things worked out. These pieces are small enough that I would be able to send them as priority mail so they would be at your day anywhere from 2-5 days! 

If you wish to see other pieces click here 

Thanot as always! 

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I have two pieces that have been around for quite some time. They are made with posterboard so you have two options for these pieces. You can get them framed or you can get some stickies and hang them up on the wall like a movie poster. If you decide that you want to buy both of them I will give you a 10% discount for your entire purchase. 

If that interests you please email me at so that we can get these pieces to you as soon as possible. Thank you all so much! 



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2018-12-08 20:32 by Sarah Denninger
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Come and Get it 



email me at if your interested in purchasing these pieces or any others. 


click here to check out my inventory! 

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     As usual, all these pieces are looking for good homes. A few of them in the past few days have sold and I am sure that they will make their new owners very happy. 

These ones down below are ready to go and at decent prices . if your interested email me at!



I do hope that you guys will help out and clear my gallery .I have more pieces that are on the way but I need just a few more to sell. Thanks you guys 


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If your getting ready for the holidays I suggest taking a look at all the pieces I have for sale. All of them are at reasonable prices and would make good gifts for those you love! 


[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

If you want to see the other pieces Then go hereeeeeeee to check them all out. Im really excited to say goodbye to some of these and for them to make others happy. Thank you all so much and I appreciate you. 


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