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Just a friendly reminder that I have the artwork for sale! Click here to check out my gallery now! 


Here are some pieces to give you an idea of what I sell. 




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2019-11-27 11:12 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 5 references



I would appreciate anybody who would be willing to purchase an art piece from me. I have plenty to choose from, big and small and all of them are within reasonable ranges. Of course, the smaller the piece the cheaper it is and the faster it gets to you. So check them out by clicking here. 

Down below are a few pieces that I would like to say goodbye to. Help me to empty out my home and to make room for other art. Thanks. 




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Today is a long day. Today is a day when we are setting the entire gym for tomorrow's comp. Truly I am excited, nervous and anxious. But all in all I am grateful for this opportunity as well. Even though I know I will be very tired at the end I know that I am also looking forward to the idea of being able to knock out some hours on my apprenticeship and to learn more about route setting in a gym. 

While you guys are waiting for more videos I do ask that you guys check out my art gallery by clicking here. 


The piece up above is for sale. Thank you guys so much!

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2019-11-06 12:46 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 11 references

It feels like just yesterday that  I made an art piece for my dad. I made with oils, fake trees, a glass tube and other assorted items from Hobby Lobby. Back then I was experimenting quite a lot to see what I could create and one of my favorite things to use was the oils. They are just so fun to manipulate and I just love the textures that come from it.


In the spur of the moment I did this piece completely out of oils and now that it is dry, it is ready to be shipped out. 


If anyone is interested just email me at so that we can get it to you as soon as possible. Im excited to play with oils again. It was so fun making this piece. 

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Hey you guys. Just as a reminder I also sell art pieces on the side. All the purchases you guys make helps me with my future travels and I am planning some trips for next year. I'm not sure where I am going to go just yet but I would appreciate anybody that would be willing to help me out. If you want to see my full gallery then click here to go check it out. Down below are some of the pieces that are not only cheaper but also easier to ship out. They would be put in a priority box so they would be at your door in a few day's time. 




Thank you guys so much for all the support you give me. I appreciate each and every single one of you. IN the next few days I should have the next Iceland Video for you to check out. 

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