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I've come to realize a few things. Whenever I own my own house I have this feeling that it will be somewhere up in the mountains. The ceilings will be high but not too high and it might be small but not too small. There's something comforting about that feeling and for some reason, I have been feeling that for quite some time. I'm not sure where it came from but it is there. Of course, who knows what will really happen in the future. America is falling and depending on how things go it might be impossible to have a house one day without cutting off an arm or leg in the process. Maybe even a kidney. 


Of course, if that happens then it might be very difficult to figure out how to even get a house or if it is even possible which wouldn't surprise me if it becomes something for only the rich and famous. Time will only tell when it comes to things like that. For now, though I am highly enjoying the set up that I have here. Its been so fun to imagine a life where I live in a house like this, having coffee in the morning, working from home, listening to music, and giving my fur babies all the love. 


I have always wanted that kind of lifestyle and I am still hoping that one day I can get to that point where I feel completely satisfied and happy with where I am. I hope that there will even be another human by my side at that point and time in my life but if not then I am totally ok with having space all to myself. 

Time will tell and I am pretty excited and a little frightened to see what happens. 

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Right now I am dogsitting two of these adorable puppers. Both of them are Labradoodles and both of them are so sweet and cuddly. And it helps that both of them are super well behaved. I can tell them to get up, lay down, sit, be easy and they do it. It's incredible how well-behaved dogs can make you feel so good. See im on Rover. It's an app that is designed for people who have dogs or cats to hire people to watch their homes and take care of their pets while they are on vacation. There are many upsides to having this kind of platform. 


For one, you can travel with it. You just change your location as you go and it updates on the website and lets local people know that you are in the area. This may help with travel expenses and even get you a good rep while you go. It also pays very well. You would be surprised what people would pay just for a week of watching their pets. You can make about $300 in six days if you play out the fees well enough. Of course the app itself takes a certain percentage out of your pay but that is just like any other job you do. So it works out. 


Along with the pay and travel perk, it also gives you a chance to love animals without having that animal. For me, It's nice to be dogsitting because I don't have a dog but I would love to have one. I just can't have one right now due to where I live, who I live with and of course Time. I don't have the time to train a puppy and I want one just as bad as I want to be a millionaire. Ok well not that bad but I do want one. 

Someday. Someday I will have my own pupper to love but for now, I will love these two amazing pups. 

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2019-11-23 13:10 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 13 references

One of my favorite things about traveling and being a photographer is the different kinds of photography I can get in a single trip. I can get portrait, animal, landscape, star photography, and so much more. I can play with different things around me and take any shot to help me remember that specific trip. My most recent trip allowed me to do photography with my boyfriend and not only was I able to get pictures myself but my boyfriend was able to get pictures as well and I saw a whole other side to trip as a whole. 

For me being a photographer has opened up so many different things. It has forced me to see the little moments in people. That look in someone's eye, the small smile someone makes, the excitement when you finish a project you have been working on, that face when someone sees something extraordinary. All of those moments are so precious and you can gather that through a single shot. It's nuts how that is even possible and we are still growing our technology. We are changing our cameras on all aspects all the time and it truly is amazing what people can do nowadays with the technology we have. 

I love being able to photograph moments so that not only can I remember them but so can the people around me. They can see those moments and relive them when they at what the photo is portraying. I'm honestly so happy that I still do photography and that I have been doing it as much as I have. I didn't put it aside when I got bored, I didn't think it was too hard when I didn't get the exact picture I wanted and quit, I didn't get discouraged when I didn't get a job doing photography. I just kept it up and because of that, I feel like I have changed my style quite a lot. I have learned from my mistakes and I have learned so many new and exciting things about the world of photography. 

Now I feel like I can say that I am in a good spot because of that. I don't make money doing photography but I use it to represent where I have been and I think that goes just as far. 

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2019-11-21 14:45 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 15 references

When I first started traveling I never saw myself being where I am today. I never thought that it would progress the way it has and I certainly never thought I would have the support that I do now. I started traveling more and more to keep myself from going insane. I had this deep desire to see everything and anything I could and each time I went somewhere new I felt this part of me be lifted. It was like little bits of weight were slowly being pulled off each time I got in my car and drove somewhere. One trip turned into two which in turn became three and so on. Now I travel five to six times a year and each time I go I feel better than the last time I went. 

There is something about opening yourself to the world that really can make you a better person. It allows you to make friends and to expand your knowledge and without all the experiences I have had I am sure that I would be somewhere completely different than where I am now. I don't know what the future holds for me, where I will go next or what I will do but I can say that I have so many plans and I want to see so many amazing and far off places. The world is so much bigger than we think and I just want to embrace it all. 

As 2019 is slowly coming to a close I feel like there is just something waiting for me around the corner. Ever since I Have been back from Iceland there have been positive vibes and I just know something is about to happen. I'm not sure what it is but I am ready for it. 

I can't wait to find out what 2020 holds for me. 

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2019-11-20 14:04 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 15 references

There's always those moments in life that you are not a fan of. It could be an accident that you get into, that moment when you get pulled over for speeding, the conversation you weren't ready for with a loved one, or maybe the realization that your food sucks and your gonna have to annoy that waitress one more time. All of those are not ideal and we run into those situations almost every single day. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I ended up having to have a conversation with my partner and it was not something that I wanted to. It was one of those conversations I could have happily avoided but I also knew that avoiding it might make the situation worse for both of us. 

So after work yesterday we both walked to target and discussed what we wanted to do. To be truthful it was not what I wanted to do and I expected it to go a lot worse then it did. Luckily I have a healthy relationship and it seemed to go as smoothly as it could. Of course, I would also have liked for the way it ended to have been different but, I will take what I can get. 

My life has always been crazy and I always try to look for the brighter side of things but sometimes it can get difficult to keep looking forward. Sometimes your emotions can make things hazy and can make you uncertain and can even make what could have been a smooth situation into a highly unwanted situation. I think on both ends we reacted in the best of ways and even though I am nervous about what will happen next I am also hopeful for what is to come. 

Sometimes all you can do is just keep your head high and keep marching forward. 

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