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2019-04-11 14:27 by Sarah Denninger
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There's always a time when you have to flip a switch and start doing this thing called "adulting". I think for every person it comes at different times and those times can be early on in life or it can be much later. For me its starting to become apparent as to what I need to do and what decisions I need to make as an adult. There are some things that I do need to have that I haven't really made strides to get because I either haven't had the money or I procrastinate and because of that my list of things I need has gotten quite long. 

For me its things like a printer, a computer chair, getting a different credit card, Rv hunting, and so on. I'm looking to leave where we are at the beginning of next year so I am making choices to start building on that now rather then later. I work at a climbing gym and I can say that I am making a nice amount of cash at this time so with that being a huge influence on my decisions and, with me feeling pretty secure in where I am, I can say that I am finally starting to cross things off my list.

Im not really sure what it is but I think I finally am looking to a future that I think is acceptable for me and I cannot wait to find that RV that just screams me. I love the idea of having my own home on wheels and I love that I am finally making a move in that direction. I don't know what the future holds and I dont know what is going to happen in the next few months but I can say that me making this step forward is just amazing. Even though it might sound weird to you guys, I know that this is the step I need to finally start making my way out of this house and into my own. 


To help out with Iceland and all the amazing traveling that I am about to do please consider purchasing one of my art pieces. I have everything from an 8*10 to a 24*36 size piece. They all are different, made with love, and ready to rock and roll. I am super stoked about these pieces and I know that someone out there will give them a new home. Tomorrow I will have a brand new spray paint piece ready for you guys but for now I present one of my older pieces. 


If you want to see my other art pieces click here

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One of the things I am learning about Iceland is that they really want you to spend as much as possible for the simplest of things. I just made a reservation with a company called Mini Campers and it includes the basic things we need to make sure we can cook, sleep, and get around comfortably while we are there and they want a pretty decent amount of money for that reservation. Most of the rental places want half of your total amount and that can be anywhere between $1000 to $2000 in U.S currency. Honesty that is so much money and that made my heart drop a little bit looking at that much going to just a deposit. But of course its this little tiny island and they get plenty of tourism year around so why not charge ridiculous prices to those who want to see this amazing country? 

So now that I have made the camper van reservations I feel a little bit better about the whole ordeal and I can get other things done along the way. I have some things here and there that need my attention and I am working to get them done in the next few weeks. 

For the next video that is coming out I am so excited to finally talk about New Zealand, the prices, what I did and etc. I know there are some people out there who are interested in how much I spent, what I did and how it all went down. I spent two weeks there and it was a magical experience in its own way. I am so happy that I went and I wouldn’t change the experience for anything else. So I am super stoked to share what I did with you guys and help out those that also want to make that trip to New Zealand possible. I cannot wait.

Stay tuned for what is to come. You won’t be disappointed. 


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2019-04-09 12:51 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 7 references

Yesterday D helped me with an art piece for the first time. He has never seen what I do in person and I finally had a piece where he could help me out. The piece is almost dry and ready to rock and roll. Really I think it turned out to be pretty amazing. It looks a lot like a strata but with some pretty unique coloring. This piece wont be put up on paypal for a little bit so if you are interested in purchasing this piece please email me at so that we can work out the details.


If you wish to see the other pieces that I have for sale then click here. All my other pieces can be yours with a click of a button. Please help me out by purchasing some pieces. D and I are getting ready for Iceland in September but we have so much already happening this year that any purchase helps us out. Thank you guys!


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Yesterday I didn’t get anything that I wanted to do done so today is one of those days where I am going to try my best to catch up. One of the things I need to do is an art piece for you guys and I am going to be doing another dirty pour painting. The only difference is that I think I am going to do it for myself and push the one I made a year ago to you guys. It’s a really cool piece and I love it but I also want to rotate pieces and try out new colors. So here is the piece that I really would love for you all to consider purchasing. 


A side note: Whenever you go to purchase pieces the price that you see under each of the pictures is the price of the piece itself. It does NOT include shipping. So the price that you see when you go to purchase it through paypal is not only the price of the painting but the price to ship it out, the price of the box and etc. The bigger ones are more reasonable now but that is only because we have found someone who can get us the boxes for $20 and after that the shipping is $50-$70 depending on where you live. So please keep that in mind for the larger pieces. 

I hope you guys will consider this piece. It really is quite beautiful and it stands out. I think it would stand out in someone’s art collection  

If you want another piece that is the same size but has a different color scheme then check out the one down below. This one is quite an interesting array of colors and I think that it makes you stare at the piece longer since the flow of the paint goes in different directions. 


Help me out and purchase these paintings. I can't wait to reveal the one I will be making today. We will see how it turns out. 


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One of my favorite things about working at a gym is getting to climb at the gym. It sounds weird but it is so rewarding to have. Day in and day out you get to watch people try all these problems on a wall and each time you get to see something new and exciting. The people are interesting and the things you see can either make you really happy or make you excited. Of course it also depends on the vibe of the place. Sometimes the music is popping and it makes the feel of the gym have a more "go go go" vibe and other times its old 90's songs playing which makes you remember the good days. 

Of course no matter what music you play the entertainment is still in the climb. For me I think its just watching people try to figure out how to do the sport for the first time. People don't understand match start, two hand start, sit start, stand start, etc. Really I can understand how they would be confused and unsure of how to really do things since I used to be like that. The only reason I caught on so fast was because of my bf who has been climbing for years. He showed me what to do, how to do it, and so much more. He taught me the world of climbing and I am still learning

Really it is quite a fun time and I enjoy my job a lot. I get to know everybody that comes in through our door, get to make new friends everyday and I also get to learn new things each time I climb or watch someone else climb. Really who could ask for a better job then that. Of course its not everyone's cup of tea but I am sure glad that it came my way. It definitely has changed my life. 

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