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Im getting ready to go to New Orleans next week. Truth be told I have never been there before so I am a little nervous about the adventure but at the same time I am pretty excited to go there. I will be seeing Twenty One Pilots which is not only amazing but also crazy. This will be my third concert where I get to see them live and up close. I will be five rows away from the stage which is the closest I have been to them since I saw them in Jacksonville. I can't wait to see what New Orleans will hold for me. 

If you guys have any suggestions then please let me know. I want to explore and go to new and exciting places. 


While I am in New Orleans I do ask that you guys take a look at what I have for sale. I have plenty of pieces that need to go to new homes so I ask you to take a look by clicking here. 


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There's something about being home after you go on vacation. Yesterday we were putting things away, cleaning up the house, and doing laundry. You know, the usual routine that people do once you get home. It resets the mood and it makes things fall back into place. Today is the official reset day. Now that everything is back in place and it is all accounted for we can fall back into the routine we have.  Of course it may take a day or two for us to fully swing back into it but that is ok. 

Of course its gonna take some time to readjust back to the humidity aspect of things but I think overall things should fall back into place quite nicely. There are many more trips coming up and I feel better then I did when I went on vacation. There was plenty of time to think, let loose and just be. I think we sometimes need those moments to ourselves so that we can reset and when we come back go into the full beast mode and get **** done. Now that I am home again and looking at everything that I need to get done I know that I am ready to make things move forward. Despite everything that I have been feeling and what I have been going through I know that I need to keep moving forward. After all if you dont move forward in life then what are you doing? Being a sitting duck? Wondering about the ifs, ands, and buts? 

I would hope not but I can understand why people do that. I was even like that years ago. Always wondering what the other possibilities were and what I could have done differently but now that I have grown up my mindset has changed. What you decide you have to live with and that is all there is to it. You can either grow and move on or you can sit and be the same person you were yesterday. Not me. I got **** to do and nobody is going to stop me from doing it. 

So lets get this **** done and keep moving forward. 

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The trip up to Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island has officially come to a close.We are now home and are enjoying out time with the kitties while we get everything settled and clean up the house a bit. Really this trip was just as amazing as last year the only difference was that we did the 10k race this year. I really do feel so blessed to be able to do all these amazing trips and to be able to live life the way that I think anybody and everybody should. Not only do I get to see this amazing world but I get to really enjoy it to its fullest capacity. 

Of course every trip I do brings me one step closer to leaving and traveling full time. Right now we are compiling a list of vehicles that we will go look at as possible house on wheels. We have found some pretty good deals and we are going to look at all the possibilities and then decide from there which one is the best choice. I am pretty stoked that I am finally making a move to get my journey started. I am even planning on asking an old friend of mine to give me a job up in Mackinaw City so that for six months out of the year I will have a job before I go back out and explore some more. 


I am super stoked about what is to come and I am pretty excited to see what can happen. This will be my first step towards being on my own and it will be the first step to living my life the way I want to. It may have taken me some time to get here but I am super thankful that I have such amazing supporters helping me to make this transition. 

So I will ask that you guys take a look at my gallery and see if any pieces peak your interest. All purchases will go towards the expenses of traveling as well as the camper van. So click here to go check it out. 

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In the end we got pretty lucky. When we got to Mackinaw City we were told that the weather had been pretty bad up there. It had been rainy, nasty, cold, and windy and when we arrived it was the first time that had gotten good weather. We were pretty surprised by that considering that we normally go up to Michigan right after the first few days of the Lilac Festival. Every time we have been up there we have pretty good weather and we hardly have any issues doing what we like to do. It also helps us to have good weather since we like to camp out and of course if you are a person who tents a lot then you know that having rain come down upon you for the entire night or day is not a fun time. It means you pack up a muddy tent and if you are really unlucky then you are packing up your tent in the rain and wind. Needless to say I have done that once or twice and it was not a fun time in the slightest. 

SO of course we had a few days of amazing weather. It was sunny, in the high 60's/ low 70's and of course close to 0 humidity. The only issue we really had....the bugs. They are usually bad up there but this year they were horrid. I'm not sure if its always like that the first week of June but if it is, I can see what people come earlier or stay in hotels. I got bit all over my neck and shoulders and I can say that I am not to happy about it. Most of the bugs up there don't bite but unfortunately they also have mixtures of mosquitos which DO bite and they are not easy to run away from. 

One our last day we ended up going back to the island and we had some fun biking around the island and stopping to take pictures as we went. Its a nice place to take photos and its a lot of fun to just take a relaxing ride around and not really put in any real effort. After our adventuring on the island we returned the bikes and decided to go back to the mainland. Once we did we got dinner and realized that the forecast called for pouring rain all night long. The big question came after that. Do we stay in the tent, get ****ed up and listen as the campsite became drenched and muddy or do we pack up and start driving home. We decided to get everything packed up and head home. It honestly sounded better then waking up the next morning to only have our campsite be flooded. Of course we then have to pack up in the mud and rain and that was less then ideal. 

Unfortunately when it comes to camping, tenting, or even sleeping in a hammock you just never know what will happen. It can be really good or really bad depending on what Mother Nature decides to do. So our trip to Mackinaw has come to an end and I can say that it was another successful trip. I got some weapons, we got some fudge to split and I got some time outdoors by the campfire. 

Does it get any better then that? I don't think so. 

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Today is our last day up here in Mackinaw City. We have had quite a blast here and we have enjoyed the quiet and peace that we were given. We've had a lot of drinks, lot of of exercise, and of course lots of time to chat along this journey. Tomorrow we will start making our way down to gross, humid, and very rainy Florida. Really I have quite enjoyed being able to have some time to myself. I've liked the cold weather and the ability to sit outside with the campfire and not feel like I was roasting myself to no end. 

Of course we will be back next year. We will once again visit the Enchanted knights store to buy more weapons and we will visit the wine store (that is also a beer store )to get more drinks and of course stay at the campground to have more campfires in the peace and quite. I honestly am already excited for the next year to come. A lot will be different at that time and I am sure that things will be settled down when that comes. I'm excited for what is coming our way and I only hope of bigger and better things. 

So I ask you guys to please check out my gallery to see if anything peaks your interest. I always have trips going on and I always try and share those experiences with you so that you can then decide where you want to go to next. I always recommend Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island just because it is one of my favorite places to visit. To some it may seem kind of bland and boring but for some the bland and boring is exactly what you need to get away from all the chaos. 

While we are up here exploring please help me out by clicking here to go to my gallery and see if anything interests you. If it does you can click the buy now button so that the piece can you be yours today! 


As always I appreicate you guys quite a lot and I always look forward to what is to come. The next trip I will be going to is in about ten days and that will be my trip to New Orleans. I have never been there before and I am so excited to finally see it with my own eyes. Of course I am mainly going there for a Twenty One Pilots concert so that will be the focus but I also want to explore and see what the great city has to offer. 

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