Six Miles
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Six Miles

I ran six miles yesterday. Let me tell you a little something about running that far and in Florida heat. It is SO brutal that its not even funny. Every breath you take is like hot coals going down your throat. Your skin is sweaty but there’s no breeze to cool that sweat. Your clothes are clammy and soaking wet. Your legs feel like cement blocks and oh my god is it difficult to concentrate. I can do a four miler pretty decently. Not too many blisters, nice burn but not too noticeable and lastly, I can breathe. When it gets humid in Florida your breath is like an anchor that just keeps going down. Slowly drowning itself to the bottom of the ocean. 

Once I got over the idea of me dieing I took a good look at my feet. Now recently I have been having trouble with the shoes giving me blisters. Some pretty serious ones too. I was concerned about how bad they were so I made sure to bandage them up for padding at one point. Walking became a terrible idea and I honestly didn’t know how to handle tile and my wood floors. The coolness always shocks me. This time though it seems that my feet went through a turn for the worse. 

During the six miles I noticed that I was slower for a while and I began to wonder if it was because of my feet. They didn’t hurt when I was running but at some points I did run kind of funny due to something giving me a little stab in the foot. I don’t know if it was a piece of wood that got stuck or hit my feet just right but I can tell you that looking at the bottom of my foot and having to make a decision on what to do was awful. I love these shoes but this is crazy. I wasn’t expecting my feet to be this bad and its just from these new shoes. 

I will admit that I am a little worried about how my feet will look when I am done with the half marathon. I assume that my feet will just entirely peel and be a mess. Im not looking forward to that but I am looking forward to being able to drink after I get done with the race. That way I don’t care about my feet for a couple hours. 

Six miles is a huge step in the right direction. Here we come Wicked Triple! 


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