Dear Passenger
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2017-05-17 09:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Dear Passenger

Dear Passenger,

I just got back to my second home in Cartersville Georgia and I am bubbling with energy. Why? Well the reason is none other then you. I went to see you live for the first time and I have never felt like how I do now. The feeling is almost indescribable unless if you have experienced it yourself. Its almost like a soul touching feeling. I was maybe a couple rows from the front and I even met some new friends on this journey. With them beside me and conversing with me it just added icing on top of the cake so to speak.

See while you were making jokes about your song "Let Her Go" (and they were really good jokes) I couldn’t help but think of how awed I was at how interactive you were with all of us. Not many people who make it up in the music industry actually interact with the audience. You talking to us, joking, sharing stories, and just being real was such a huge thing and it made me feel like I was apart of something fantastic.

You have made so many wonderful songs that speak so many volumes to me. When Let Her go Came out I actually lost my best friend to an ex of mine. She was my perfect and ultimate friend. Someone who you cant replace in your life with just anybody. She was the one person who made me who I am today. In a way she molded me to be a person of character. I never saw myself as someone who was pretty or someone who could pull off tattoos, gauges, ear piercings, or anybody who could in general be interesting.She was the one who pushed me to be positive on myself and to be who I want to be. We were friends for two and a half years and I loved her all the way down to my bones. To her she's heard the story probably a thousand times from many different perspectives and she has moved forward and is in love and looking at a future with somebody at her side. It left me in the dark and alone. Even to this day I still feel that sadness inside but, thanks to you there was a little bit of light that stuck around. Originally she had introduced me to you and told me that I would like your music and that I should give it a go. So of course, I did and for a bit I wasn’t sure how to feel. It took a while of listening to your music to open up to the lyrics and get immersed in them.

Then when she was gone the song Let Her go really hit me hard. I don’t know how many times I have cried while listening to that song. I don’t know how many times I sang it until my throat was sore. I swear I lived off that song for such a long time. It helped me heal and as you released more songs it started to patch me up bit by bit. It was the same with Traveling Alone. I'm not sure what it was that caught me, maybe the title of the song and the relevance to my life as it is now or maybe it was the sound that hit me, to be honest I'm not sure. For me though it made me feel like things were finally moving forward in my life. Like I was doing so much better now then I ever have. I've found who I am over the past four years, I've started to grow more as I travel the world bit by bit and I've even started making friends out of strangers. To me that was all because your music gave a little bit of light I needed to let her go. To move onward and forward. I'm not healed completely or over it 100% but I am content with how I am and I am content with her not being there anymore. So I know this is cliché and you probably have read thousands of letters about how people were affected by your music and yea you may never ever read this but just know, I am forever grateful for that song Let Her Go.

So thank you for making music, it means I can continue to move forward and you were part of that process for me.

A Stranger

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