Back on course
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2023-07-22 14:05 by Sarah Denninger
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Back on course

Hellllo Everybody! 

   Its been a while since ive posted but I am back and ready to get into the regular routine of posting once again. 

So with that being said here is what to expect. I am once again leaving in late September and traveling around in the U.S until mid March. I have many ideas as to where I will be visiting this time around and it all starts with the Grand Canyon. Oh yes, the Grand Canyon. This magical place was the start of my love of traveling and we are finally returning once again. Dad and I have some big plans for this time around and I couldn't be more excited to go back. We will be spending 7 magical days out there together, exploring and enjoying the peace this area gives. Of course, I am mostly excited to do more travles with  my Dad becuase well..its always a fun time with him. Plus this place was one of the first ones we visited together after I got out of high school so it will be a blast from the past for us. 

Once im done with the Grand Canyon Dad will return home and I will continue on my journey in the van. I plan to go North for a month or so and then head back down south towards the Vegas area to take my time exploring. My last trip out west I realized that I really liked the Vegas area a lot and want to go back to see what else I can explore with Lylah. It also has some amazing boondocking areas that have strong cell connections so that I can work without paying for a campground. For me that is a huge plus. 

I plan to take it slower this time and not go any further North than Idaho falls. I learned some hard lessons last time and as much as I love going North West I also realized that Gimli is a real piece of work in the snow and Ice. I had more than one heart attack while I was out there last time and I plan to not recreate those times. Of course I always expect something ot happen but I rather avoid the slidding that comes with those conditions. So we have a different game plan in mind. 

With that being said Gmili is finished and he is ready to rock and roll. There are a few minor things were waiting on but for the most part all of the upgrades are complete. I am excited and nervous to get back on the road and I know Lylah is ready to explore and live this wild life that she loves so much. 

So here we go. Getting ready for another amazing adventure. 



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