Ten Miles
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Ten Miles

My feet hurt and for the first time in months I got another blister. I’m telling you guys, it sucks so bad but I can’t complain with what made that blister. I have now ran ten miles. Ten miles is so strange and honestly I was really working this time. I felt it in my heart and legs but my lungs felt fine. For a while I was running and able to do little dances while running. Mostly by using my hands to exaggerate certain parts of the songs I was listening to. It was quite dramatic but also a nice way to spend my time. Trying to make it more fun. 

Then a wonderful thing happened. It rained. Yes It rained while I was running and I think it made the run much easier. I was able to keep up my nine minute pace most of the way and I felt pretty good through most of it. When I got to around seven miles, I began to feel a little drained. I have been working non-stop since I have gotten back from Canada and even though its good it also is a lot of time and energy to give out. I did a eight hour shift before I did the ten miles but, that was really my only option. 

Sometimes you gotta do things at crazy times of the day. 

Once the ten miles were finally finished I felt like my body had become a stone block. I walked it out a bit and by the time I got to the end of my driveway to do the loop, I was feeling the pain on my feet. The adrenaline was gone and exhausted but also pride was there. There’s just something in being able to do a run like that. I can tell you guys I have come such a long way and I hope I do good on this half marathon. We are so close.

Stay tuned with my updates as we get closer and closer to the race. After the race is done I will report how it went. Until then fellow runners and followers


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