Thank you for being there!
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Thank you for being there!

So the half marathon was quite a lesson for me. I learned a lot about myself but I also learned something about the people I know. Specifically, our neighbors. My neighbors have been a big motivation to keep running and helped me to keep up the program. There were several times where I ran with my neighbor and just being able to have a buddy for a little while and give her that encouragement helped boost my mood towards running. It even got me up early in the morning and getting the training done before I even start the rest of my day. It was strange to get used to but it was a nice change of pace. 

After a while my neighbor and I went separate ways, you know life likes to take twists and turns. We both got super busy and just stopped running together. Of course that didn’t mean that I stopped running all together. Even though I lost my partner I knew that I needed to do this for myself. So I kept going. 

From there my neighbors helped me by making me smile, showing me that little things can make or break a day, and to just believe and have fun with the moment. 

Of course put all that together and then boost it x10 and you have these amazing people who are out there when the race starts at 7:30 and are cheering you on. Then they stay and cheer you on at the half way point and even wait for you to cross the finish line. To me that is amazing and quite honestly one of the best gifts I have gotten. I never expected them to be there and to be cheering me on like that. I certainly didn’t expect the beautiful posters they made and the gifts I recieved for finishing the race. 

I love them dearly and I am so glad to have them in my life. Them cheering me on and being there for me while I took on this huge challenge made the race fly by. 

SO thank you, my wonderful neighbors. 


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