Content and Happiness
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2018-02-13 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Content and Happiness

I’ve mentioned this before but recently I have been started to pick up the habit of going on walks. Usually I run two to three times a week but for some reason that hasn’t been enough since the new year started. I think it may be because I am trying to pass the time and give myself some moments where I can burn off the stress. Every time I go out I make sure to have my headphones, my phone, my vape pen, and of course a bottle of water with me. I walk until my watch tells me that I have reached my goal and each time I go it’s a different distance. 

Last night though I decided to just do the loop around our neighborhood. It’s almost two miles long so it’s not too crazy and at most it would take me 40 minutes if I was taking my time. After a day of working at my part time job it felt good to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. Especially since we had rain for the past two days. The air was nice and crisp making the walk feel like it was the beginning of fall all over again. 

Walking around my neighborhood is nice and most of the people will smile and wave at you while you pass them. Others really just go about their business. It’s not busy and the traffic is close to nothing. Of course the sky was also a big play in how I was feeling. Sometimes we have really amazing sunsets and they only happen on those rare occasions. Sure you get the ones with the typical colors of pink, orange, and of course purple but then you get those sunsets where the whole sky lights up. There are clouds of all kinds and the colors are layered just right. They make this affect that just takes your breath away. 

Yesterday was like that. It was like a 3d painting in the sky. It was the perfect layering and a wonderful way to end the day. Ah I love the feeling that I get when I see something beautiful. My chest feels fluttery and I become part of the moment. Nothing else matters and it usually take me forever to leave. Enjoying those moments, seeing them, being a part of them, I feel like I could happily live my life with that feeling of content and happiness. 



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