Update on the Travel
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2018-04-14 13:47 by Sarah Denninger
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Update on the Travel

In about a weeks time I will be heading to Minnesota for a few days to get some alone time. Why Minnesota? Well I have seen a lot of cool pictures of some pretty amazing things and they have this part that is in the farthest corner you can get in the state that looks like a lot of fun to just, get away. Plus I have never been there before and I figured it was a good time to go and do some hiking. Most of the places that I will be going to are all first come first serve and I think that's perfect considering that I am trying to save some money here and there.  Not only that but the timing is in the slow season so I think I should be good on getting a nice little place to pitch my tent. 

Really I am excited to go there and to experience the drive. It looks like a lot of fun and I really do need some time alone. I feel like every once in a while I reach that point where hanging out with people I know gets to be too routine and it still drives me crazy rather then help me. Not only that but I get to explore and spend as much time as I want in those places. I might be disgusting when I come back but thats what comes with the adventure. 

If there are any recommendations that you wish to throw my way, please don't be shy. I will take them into consideration and depending on how much time I have and what I am feeling I might do some of them. As usual I will be doing videos to let you guys know how everything went, what I did and didn't do, and of course give you a little bit of the history as well. 

I am so pumped and I can't wait to bring you guys all the pictures and video. 



While you wait, please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe so that you can get first access to new videos as they come out. Down below is my newest video that I did from when I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Please go give it a watch. There are some awesome shots in the video. 

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