Rough day
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2018-04-15 16:37 by Sarah Denninger
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Rough day

Today has been a rough day for me. See there are times when I get migraines and when I do they really knock me on my ass. Today is one of those days. My migraines come and go and there are times when they are manageable and other times when they hit you some unexpectedly that there is nothing you can do except to ride it out . When I woke up this morning there was no way I was going to do ****. 

My head felt like it was between a tire and the concrete and the truck was slowly putting weight on my skull. I felt nauseous and when I got up to go to the restroom I was sure I was gonna puke. Luckily that didnt happen. So I went through the usual "must do's". Now you may ask what those are and how they help and you would be right to ask. 

Everyone handles their migraines differently and for me it's a bit of a roller coster .first I have to verify that it is a migraine and that mostly happens when I get up. If I feel nauseous and the light from my window bothers me then yes it's a migraine. From there I do my usual business in the bathroom but once I'm done I get in a hot shower .The heat helps to eliminate some pain and might help it calm down enough to at least function for a few minutes. 

Once the hot shower is done I have a glass of water to rehydrate myself but not toouch that it will come back up later .then I proceed to take some medicne, turn on the fan and crawl back in bed. Once there I have to find the perfect spot my head can lay so that my head will stop throbing. From there I sleep on and off through the day and every now and then I will get up and have some wager, a single cup of coffee and use the restroom when needed. If I get lucky the migraine will be manageable by the time I get to the evening and I can then do some normal things but if not then I don't do anything till the next morning where I hope it is gone. 

It's been a rough day and I hate days like these to the max but sadly it's normal for me. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a functioning person again. Only one can hope. 

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