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2018-07-09 13:16 by Sarah Denninger
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Work has been going much better since I Came back from our trip to Michigan. I think it’s a collection of things that have been going on that has made it much easier on me. One would be that I have clarity and insight as to what is happening in my family and all the craziness. Another reason would be that I just generally am getting better at controlling my emotions and knowing that I need to leave all my feelings about things outside of work and not bring it into the workplace. My part time job is a wonderful job with wonderful people who all try their best to be a family and keep up the good mood. 

I also have become friends again with someone that I knew in High school. For this article I will call him D. D was someone I knew in school that I got close to thanks to the programs that Niceville offered. We had a bunch of I.T classes and because of that I met some cool people in high school. D and I only had one class together but we got to know each other through that program. He had a crazy girlfriend that definitely didn’t like me and she made it very clear that he wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near me. So because of that D and I only really hung out when school was in session. 

He also was a year or two ahead of me and ended up graduating. So I was left with very few friends and he went to college to pursue his crazy amount of interests. Now were about five years in the future and it just so happened that we ended up talking again.  He’s been really helping me out with some of the troubles I have been going through and I really appreciate him being there. 

Along with all of that I have my eyes set on the ultimate prize. New Zealand. So with that all in mind and this long wait to go to a wonderful country I am doing my best to keep myself going. So far its working and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. 

Here I come New Zealand. 


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