Olive Garden
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2018-08-08 13:11 by Sarah Denninger
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Olive Garden

its been a while since I have been to olive Garden. The last memory I javw is going with an old friend to celebrate our birthdays. It was fun but man was the food super filling.  so of course D and I decided that because of everytbinf that has been going on that we should go to Olive Garden and bave a nice meal and relax. 

 So we went there and got our table . Our server was tellinf us about the specials and the drinks of course. We both decide to have frozen mararitas. Mine strawberry flavor and his blackberry .The blackberry was a special they were doinf and he had never had a frozen margarita before. So this was going to be quite the treat. We then order our food amd start chatting about everything and anything. 

Now our server was quite interesting .Every few minutes she would swing by,ask us how the food was and then proceed to leave. Obce our main food was out she swung by and asked if we wanted a free sample of some wine that olive garden was having a special on. We both said yes even though were not much of wine people. Free sample?why not .

We both tries the wine and D explains that wine tastes like buttered bread to him. Every.single. time. Honestly to hear that it was quite amusing. After the sample we proceeded to then devour all the food we could and not turn back from the decision to eat like fiends. I got to one point though wuere i just coulsnt hold anymore food so I gave up the fight to devour it all. Of course,just when your about to stop the server swing back by with anotjer sample bottle and offered it to us .We both said yes and I downed mine immediately while D took his time drinking it. 

Once we were done with the wine we got our check and I told our server thank you. I reasurres her that we would be safe since she was asking who was driving. I was and told her I had a breathalyzer in the car. She then asked if it was because I had been given a DUI before and I needed to breathe into it to start the car. I told her no .I had one because my dad gave me one for my 21st birthday to be safe. For a minjte I wasbt sure where the night was going but I can say that it ended quite nicely .As it turns out our server was a retired policd officer and just wanted everyone to be sage. Once we got in the car we did the test and we were both safe to go. 

The time at olive garden was nice,I was really full but there is nothing wrong with that. Every once in a while its nice to eat out and have some fun .

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