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2018-09-09 12:12 by Sarah Denninger
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Family stuff

Its weird having someone else’s stuff in your house, let alone have pictures of that person and their past. You go through it, you recognize some things but not all and you just flip through wondering what the story is behind some of the photos and others you just stare at because you remember that exact moment in time and space. For me I think it’s strange because there is a lot of family that I don’t recognize. I know very little about the people that came before me and I didn’t really meet very many of them. To be honest I’m not sure if I will meet any other family and if that is the case I think I will be ok with it. 

There are a lot of photos from the 60's and 70's which is kind of fun when I look at everyone’s outfits and hair styles. We were only really just beginning to realize what fashion was and really take a change when it came to what we wore and how our hair was done. I also get to see the family line of cats. There are a lot of them that I never got to know about but there are a few here and there that dad can point out and tell me the stories of. Some of the cats where quite the risk takers and others were just deadly when you played with them. Of course now Dad and I have cats of our own so I guess that’s the one thing that we can keep going in our family. The love for cats. 

With this passing and for what is to come I can definitely say that I am glad we got some personal items out of the house and that they are safe and sound at our home. We can have the time to look at everything, to take it all in and to just admire the family that we are a part of. Of course all of this isn’t over. There is quite a bit of stuff to still do but overall, I feel a little happy. We get to keep a part of our history alive and we get to remember those who are now gone. 



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