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2018-09-14 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Before my Grandmother passed my neighbors dog was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. For the past two years I have been apart of our neighbors life and I have helped with teaching them about art, I have joined them for some dinners, baseball games, and even taken care of the animals while the family was away on a trip. So I had some time with this wonderful old gal. 


Bella was a golden retriever that always had some spunk and sass. Every time I would come over to visit the neighbors she would light up, stand up on her four paws and come greet me. It was almost every single time and I adored her so much. She would follow me around and ask for all kinds of petting and love. If you stopped petting her she would hit her hand with her nose until you continued to pet her. you could just tell that she wanted to be loved as much as possible by those who were around her. 

Anytime I would take care of her I would make sure to give her some time outside. I would make sure to let her bath in the sunlight and have some fresh air. After all she was home alone when I wasn't there and she really did love to be outside. Sometimes she would just lay there in the sun and every few minutes she would lift her head and look around and check to make sure you were still there. After all she didn't want to be alone. 

Bella was one of the first dogs to really make me feel special. She knew exactly who I was, she was super sweet, and she really did enjoy my company. In the end the diagnosis for the lung cancer was what ended her life. The shots they were giving her weren't doing anything for her and after a week of taking them she ended up not being able to walk on her own. So with that in mind they decided it was best to put her down and not have her suffer anymore. The day before I got to say goodbye. I could tell that she knew her time was coming to an end and even when she couldn't stand, she was still wanting all the love and petting from me. When I stood to leave she lifted her head and her eyes followed me as I hugged my neighbor. Before I left I made sure to let her know I love her and that she was the best dog around. After all she really was the best dog I had met. 

Im sure shes over the rainbow bridge and is with all the other dogs who are waiting to be reunited with their owners. For now run free Bella and we will see you on the other side. 

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