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2018-11-06 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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What its like

I will say that traveling with someone is very different and weird to get used to. For years ivie been traveling alone or with my dad so for me to travel with anybody, let alone someone I am in a relationship with, is a huge adjustment for me. Iv'e learned a lot as a solo traveler. I've learned how to keep track of my money. I've learned how to change plans at the last second. Ivie learned how to pack and bring things that are actually useful to me. I have learned quickly how the world works and I have done all of this mostly on my own. Waiting for others has caused my traveling to be a hassle and it honestly is something I couldn't stand. 

So when me and the bf went on this trip to Tampa I can say that it was something that I wasn't expecting. It was difficult and really with the two of us I was hoping for something other then what I got but I also know that we are two very different people and that is ok. 

The entire trip was overall amazing. I really enjoyed my time with him and I really enjoyed the moments we had. It was an insight to what I was missing. It was an insight to what human connection is like and what sharing an experience with someone you like is really like. I'm not gonna lie, I did have moments where I was unsure if I was compatible and I did have moments where I was thinking about what the differences would be like if I took that trip alone but, I am glad I didn't. I'm glad I took it with him. I'm glad I got have an experience like that with someone that I genuinely care for. It made me see another side of myself. 

Traveling can be shared in all ways. Now iim not saying I wont give up my solo traveling because I wont but now I have a small speck of what traveling with someone that is as amazing as he is, can really be like. 

Who knows. Maybe this is a start to something bigger. Only time will tell. 

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