Swinging Like Tarzan
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2018-12-06 12:53 by Sarah Denninger
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Swinging Like Tarzan

Yesterday D and I went to the climbing place at his University. It’s really small but the perks of the climbing gym are that it has top rope which is something that we don’t get to do very often. So we decided to go back there and give it another go. The differences between the Bouldering place and the top rope place are pretty significant though. When we got there D didn’t know anyone there so sadly we felt kind of awkward being there. The staff was also completely new and so nobody said hi or knew us when we went into the gym. Lastly the staff were pretty unprofessional the entire time we were there. 

Right off the bat we had problems and it was mostly because they didn’t have our signatures from the last time we were there and they also realized that D's certification wasn’t going through. So they had to call up the only person that could help them. D's friend and the manager of the Top Rope gym, M (Were just going to call him M to keep things simple).Luckily M was in the building so he walked down, said hi to D and then decided that D should just redo his certification right there. Really it was easy and all I had to do was climb and "fall" three times for him. The first  two falls would be announced and the third was at random. So I did the falls, got to the top, and he belayed me down. M said that he was good to go and from there we hugged and he left. After that we got to climbing. Now halfway through climbing up the wall there was a large group of girls that came into the gym. 

There were four of them and they all had their harnesses but no climbing shoes of their own so they borrowed a pair from the gym. They signed in and then went to the part of the wall that had the overhang. These girls roped in and started climbing. Right off the bat I felt uncomfortable. There’s one girl in particular who I am pretty sure was making a Racket to get attention from everyone in the gym. She would get to the overhang, attempt to climb up it, slip and then swing so far out that she could either A)Injure herself B)fall and hurt/kill somebody C)All the above at once. She also didn’t seem to care at all. Every time she would climb the wall she would do the same thing over and over again and eventually I stopped trying to do the top rope because I felt so uncomfortable with her on the wall, swinging like Tarzan, that we just decided to stick to the little Bouldering sections they had. 

Everything about that part of the day was just weird and uncomfortable. I tried my best to keep things together and I tried really hard to not yell at them or get upset at the way they were climbing because I’m not that skilled in Top Rope but I mean, most stuff is common sense. It’s one thing to climb and do it safely. It’s another to just be an idiot to get attention and possibly hurt or kill yourself or others. 

I hope that we dont run into them again and I really hope that the staff gets a better handle on things because they were so unprofessional about it. I get it that they are at a university so things are usually pretty lax but at the same time things like that make people not want to come back or feel unsafe while they are there. 

We will see probably next week. 



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