We are in the home stretch of 2018
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2018-12-07 08:21 by Sarah Denninger
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We are in the home stretch of 2018

It’s crazy to think that the year is almost over. Were in the home stretch and I can only think about what the next few weeks hold for me. For instance sometime this week my boyfriend and I will have dinner with our neighbors who have been dying to officially meet my bf and really get to know him. After that dinner D and I's five month anniversary is around the corner which to me is insane. Of course I am super happy to have made it this far but if I’m honest I didn’t know if we would or not. We both have been through so much since we started dating but we both want to make it work out. There’s just been so much stress going around and so many sudden and sad passing’s in both of our lives that we just have been having trouble keeping it together. So I’m proud that we’ve made it this far and are still going. 

After that work will pick up and I will be working more hours. Probably so many that I will be dead tired every single day and not want to do anything by the time I get home. Hopefully along with my part time job hours bumping up my sales on my artwork will go up as well. Thanks to you guys I have said goodbye to five pieces in the past week which is really good. Lets keep it up and say goodbye to a few more. It would be a huge help. 

Then Christmas comes around and its going to be a busy one for sure. Not only do I get to celebrate with my Dad but I also get to celebrate with D's family which will be a first for me. I already know it will be a time that will be filled with lots of joy, a few drinks, and lots of food at all the houses we will be going to. 

Once Christmas is over the New Year is right around the corner which is always a drunken fest in my family so I am sure that will happen again this year and probably with a movie marathon of some sort. It usually does. 

So much happening in less than twenty five days and of course after that 2019 starts and it’s another year older for our planet and for us as well. Time fly’s by and I can't believe that we are in the home stretch. There are so many things that I want to talk about before the year is over and I can't wait to share them with you, recap on the year, and just give you and update on all the exciting things that I have planned for next year. 

Until then please take a look at my gallery, see what is around and if you love any of them and have to have them before the New Year please purchase them and give them new homes. I’m so close to reaching my sales goal and I am so happy to have so many go to new homes. It makes my heart swell as an artist and I want to keep growing. So click here to go to the gallery and please email me at kairia.rocks@gmail.com if your interested in any of the pieces. 


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