Will We Make It
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2019-01-29 11:33 by Sarah Denninger
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Will We Make It

When it comes to traveling I always try my best to stay organized and I go through my stuff two or three times before I give the ok to go. It tedious but it works. See I hate leaving things behind. Why? Because when you leave items behind you have to go buy them at a store and you never know how much it may cost. I your lucky it could cost a few bucks but if your not so lucky it could cost over $20 in which case you might want to consider going on without it. Well, unless $20 or more inst a big deal to you then go ahead and get what you need. I just think saving your money is better then spending it on something you already have...its just at home. 

This trip were going to take is going to be an interesting one since D has never driven up to his sisters. Its a seventeen hour drive so we are breaking it up into two parts. We will be staying in a KOA in Kentucky to see Mammoth Cave, which I have never been to, and from there we will be driving the rest of the way up which is about nine and a half hours. Both drives are very doable and I honestly think it will be interested driving in the Prius down the highway. 

Right now I am considering all the options. I am packing things slowly but surely and I am almost ready to rock and roll. Tomorrow is the big day and I think its going to be an interesting ride. I hope that all goes well and that D and I don't end up killing each other. This will be our first long distance trip so wish us both luck!


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