Frozen Falls
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2019-02-02 09:54 by Sarah Denninger
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Frozen Falls

We went to Niagara Falls yesterday. I have been to see this amazing place twice now. Both times have been in the fall and both times were amazing but quite honestly this time around was amazing as well. It was my first time seeing the falls all frozen over from the ice and I can understand why people take pictures of this amazing place in temperatures that are way to cold for us humans. Of course we brae the cold and go for it anyway but still. Its pretty amazing to see in action and to be apart of. 


D and I walked around and I told him about all the places around the area that were of interest. unfortunately it was to cold for any tours to be going so we just had to walk around, take pictures, and buy souvenirs which was fun but it was also kind of crazy to do. The temperature got to around 10 while we were walking around and that was mostly because of the sun going down. For us that was enough to send our frozen selves back to the car where we then sat there waiting for our butt warmers to bring us back to life. 

I will say that seeing Niagara Falls in this way was truly amazing and I think that its something that I will never forget but I also think that it is something that you do for a few hours and then you go home. There were people that were hanging out not in the least interested in going anywhere else. People that had all their winter gear from their hats to their boots. I was surprised but didnt really stay long to really take in how crazy they were because of how cold we were. In the end we decided to go get dinner and call it a day. So if you can take on the cold go check out Niagara. You wont be disappointed. 

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