Almost over
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2019-02-09 12:19 by Sarah Denninger
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Almost over

Our little vacation is almost to an end and I do feel a little sad. Being up here with the cold, ice and snow has been an insight to who I am as a person. It has taught me that I really don't mind the cold (which I knew already but this verified it) and even when its 18 degrees outside I can still do my usual running routine. To be honest it has lifted my spirits and has taught me that I am stronger then I imagined. I've been to new York twice now but I've never really stayed here for a longer period of time. 

By staying with D's sister I have had an opportunity I wouldn't have otherwise had. It gave us a place to sleep and it also gave us a chance to do certain things that I have never done before .we got to hike some trails that I would have never had a chance to see if I was doing my normal routine and I wouldn't have visited the comic book bar if his sister didn't tell us about it

The icing on the cake though was being able to see Niagara Falls in the winter time. You hear about the beauty of it while it's frozen and you see all these picture's online but to be honest it doesn't beat actually seeing it in person. Seeing it in person is like nothing I could have imagined and the place looks completely different and it gave me an appreciation for this place. Of course Niagara on the American side is still in terrible shape compared to the Canadian side but it still is a pretty neat location to visit. 


So if you are visiting or just passing through make sure to take some time to look around the area. It really is beautiful and there are plenty of things to do. Hiking, walking, drinking, sightseeing and of course shopping. All of that is avaliable around the Buffalo/ Niagara area. 

I'm glad that I was able to see this place in a completely different view and I can't wait to see it again 


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