Working at a gym
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2019-02-20 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Working at a gym

Changing jobs has been not only interesting but slightly challenging. Technically I am still working at an ice cream and chocolate shop but they haven't been really giving me any real hours that I can work with. Truth be told they pretty much have been skipping over me completely and because of that they have been hiring new people left and right. For the most part that's ok but it really messes with you when you have almost been with a company for two years. Two years is a lot of time to dedicate to one business . Its a lot of time, work, tears, and learning. 

Of course i'm starting that with This climbing gym and to be honest it has started to change my view on how I look at working. This place is really laid back and a lot of the people here are people that I already know from the seven months of me climbing. SO the transition is pretty easy when it comes to what I should do and when it comes to talking to people. Not only that but it is getting away from the food/retail business which is something that I Have done for most of my working career.After a while working with people becomes exhausting. It drains your ability to stay happy and makes it difficult to be able to function in your normal life. 

Being able to switch jobs and get out of the food industry has really helped me and its opening a new door for me that I didn't have before. Its making me see just how different things can be and its making me notice just how much happier I am when I am not constantly being hit with drama, rude customers, and so on. I am really excited to see where this goes and I am really happy I was able to get this job. Changes are always inevitable and sometimes they are for  a bigger and better good. 


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