Make sure to keep up
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2019-03-04 12:33 by Sarah Denninger
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Make sure to keep up

I have a few things going on right now. The first thing is my YouTube Channel. I posted a new video on Friday that features three new pieces. Each one is looking for a new home and each one is ready to be packaged and shipping out to you as soon as possible. 


So please check that out, subscribe, like, and comment. I have decided to do a video every other Friday to help manage my ability to actually do videos and to give you guys a little bit more content. So we will see what happens and if I can keep up with that. 

The second thing is that I have pieces for sale that I didn't show in my video. A lot of them are looking to go to new homes and every single one has a buy now button on it. All you have to do is click the button and it is yours. Nobody else can steal it from you or beat you to the piece itself. Personally I think that is awesome. The piece that I will be showing on this post is one that I love and one that I really think would do awesome in any place in your home. Its bright, its colorful and its a little dreamy. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

If you want to see everything I have for sale just click here and check it out. 

The last thing is that I am part of a company called Madera. They sell everything from Hammocks to waterproof backpacks to straps that you can use for the hammock. They have so many options that i'm surprised by it all. With every purchase you make they plant two trees. How cool is that!? So please click the link to check them out and help support their cause. I really think they are awesome.  

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