Adapt and change
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2019-03-05 13:48 by Sarah Denninger
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Adapt and change

When it comes to traveling I Have learned a few tricks that I never expected to learn. One of them being the ability to change your plan at the last possible second. Of course that only really works when you are on your own because if you are with others it can become a hassle to figure things out. It makes things difficult and I honestly have trouble with plans. Especially when its thrown at me and the person goes "YOU PICK" and when I do it never is really satisfying to that person. For D I am sure it has been a whirlwind to learn my ways. For instance when we were on our way back to New York he had trouble with the idea of us driving straight through to get home. I could tell he wanted to stop and sleep but I pushed to just get home. I'm sure it was difficult to just let it happen when you arent used to plans changing like that. 

A lot of the time when I am traveling and my plans change it is because something big has happened that makes the plan change. IT could be that the weather is super ****ty and I just don't have a choice. It could be that the weather is better then expected so I decide to go do something with more of a hiking aspect instead of just going to do some activity indoors. 

Things change all the time and with four years under my belt I can say that it comes naturally for me to change my plans at any second. To be able to adapt and go with the flow and not really give it a second guess. That in itself is something powerful and I honestly love that aspect of things. If I can change my mind at any second and go with the flow of things at any time then I can easy adapt to other things in my life. 

We grow, we change, and we adapt to what is around us. Traveling has taught me so much and this is just one of many lessons.  

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