People who dont like cats
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2017-07-17 01:55 by Sarah Denninger
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People who dont like cats

There are people who like cats and There are those who don't like cats. Everytime I run into someone that doesn't like a cat or thinks that cats aren't loving creatures well then I would say you are wrong. I think those that don't like cats are those people who have never chosen a cat that has chosen them. Cats all have different personalities and yea they aren't AS cuddly as dogs but they do have their moments of affection. If  you don't pick a cat that fits to your personality then that cat will do everything it can to make your life a living hell. For my family cats are pretty good companions that don't require very much at all for the lifestyle we live. My father and I are gone a lot of the time and having an animal that can be left at the house for a week with food/water and a litter box is quite the seller to us. Honestly i'm not sure what life would be like anymore without our cats.

Ive talked about my cats a little bit on this blog and it seems to be overdone but I honestly didn't have a strong opinion on it until Cinnamon came into my life. My grandmother has always had cats and each one was very different and unique. They used to have this one cat in particular who knew when it was time to play based on when my grandfather put on these specific gloves. He had nasty claws so they took a precaution. That cat then learned that play time was when the gloves came out. Then he could really get down to business. There was another cat that loved the bite your toes at night just because he could.

In the present time we have two cats that are two very separate beings. Cinnamon Spice was raised by me from the time she was a kitten so some of the things she does it from my influence. She loves human food and is always stealing it if you aren't paying attention to it. She will eat almost anything and everything. Midnight is a very picky eater that won't eat most processed foods. Spice loves to lay on my chest and give me head butts all night long. Midnight hates being picked up and the closest he gets to you at night is usually right up against your side. Spice only meows when I am separated from her. Midnight meows when he's hungry/there's another cat outside/ or just because. Honestly he seems to be the big talker in our family.

My point is, every cat is different and I honestly think people misunderstand cats. They all are different and if you don't like them because of one bad experience with a cat then you really are missing out. You just have to get to know them first. That's all. Judging a book by its cover can really make you ignorant to how things are. You just have to give these animals a chance.

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