Green or Red?
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2019-05-15 13:11 by Sarah Denninger
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Green or Red?

Tomorrow I will be receiving either a yay or nay on this trifecta piece that Immanuel church has asked me to do. We had a meet up on Monday where I got to see the space, understand what I am doing for the piece and just talked about commission. I don’t think they realized just how much it would cost for them to hire me to do a three piece set in such a large space. It’s one of those situations that I think just hit them dead on and I am really hoping that I will get the green light to do start the process. 

When I Say process though I mean that I will be "studying" the bible so to speak. I’m not religious in any way so for me to do this piece it will take some reading, digging, and I might ask a couple people on what they think about the passages I was given. I’m not sure what I can create since I don’t really think religion is a big part of my life and I don’t really like the idea of someone being up in the sky making all the decisions and judging me on is ideal but I am willing to give this piece a shot. 

There are so many ways I can go for this piece and there are so many different interpretations that I think no matter how it turns out it will be quite perfect in its own way. It’s going to be messy, it’s going to be crazy but it will be fun and in this church for years to come. Honestly I’m just super excited to get this opportunity. 

So if you are wondering what medium I will be using to make these pieces I will have some examples for you guys. The pieces are for sale and are 10% off so please take a look and see if any of the ones I have now peak your interest. I really do think it will be so much fun to make this piece and I really do think it will be amazing to have my artwork represented in a church. 

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