How was your weekend?
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2019-06-03 13:16 by Sarah Denninger
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How was your weekend?

These past few days have been exhausting. The entire weekend I worked over at the climbing gym and after work I went out with friends and we all had a nice time enjoying each others company. Of course I sacrificed some sleep over the weekend but that is a ok since I am leaving for vacation tomorrow morning. I really am excited about it and I can't wait to see what is in store for us. 

I also have discovered that I enjoy paddle boarding. Now I don't think it is something I would do every day but it is something I would do once a week in the summer time. Not only to get some sun but to also change up the routine and to have some time to myself. Where we live you can go a mile in either direction and the view is just beautiful. If you go towards the bridge it mostly just turns into open space and you can see the hawks flying around and nesting. If you go the opposite direction you get to see all the rich folks fancy houses from the water side and that is quite interesting to see. 

There's one house in particular that has a hot tub that is right on the water and has some high walls around it. It only makes me wonder what they do out there from time to time (whatever dirty thing you can imagine, they probably do that) and if they ever get caught by neighbors. Of course I wouldn't know because I don't live near them and i'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to see that so Ill just leave that to the imagination. 

With that side the paddle boarding is quite nice and I enjoy the peace of it. I get some sun and a nice workout and the paddle board gets used for the purpose that it was made. 

All in all the weekend has been busy, exhausting, and weird but also a nice change. I got lots of stuff done before we have to go and I also discovered a part of myself I wasn't expecting. 

How was your weekend? 

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