Bye Bye now
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2019-06-05 11:54 by Sarah Denninger
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Bye Bye now

Yesterday we set off on our annual trip to Mackinaw Island. The only difference is that this year we decided to go see the cover band of Genesis. Ever since I was twelve I have seen them in concert and this year was just as good as the others. The difference with this show vs the others is that they decided to go me instrumental then they did in the previous years. They also gave the costumes a rest and even though I love the costumes I think it was nice to see them in a newer and fresher way. The performance was outstanding and I loved being able to see this how one last time. Of course right now it is only a rumor that this is their last show so we will see what happens and if they will decide to do another one. 

After the concert was over we went to the hotel t retire for the night. We had been on the road all day and that combined with the concert wiped us both out. I must say that the beds were extra comfy last night and I slept like a baby. 

With a good nights rest we both went ahead and ran this morning before hitting the road again to make the rest of the drive to good ole Michigan. Really I am excited to get away from the 100 degree weather (Iv'e been saying it all week and I will continue to say it) and to be able to be in the 70's all week. Just being in Northern Georgia this morning was a nice change of pace. 70 with no humidity . I will take that all day, every day with a side of coffee.  Please and Thank you. So goodbye Florida, see you next week. 

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