Beer? Wine?Weapons? Who knows.
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2019-06-06 13:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Beer? Wine?Weapons? Who knows.

Today we are heading up to the Island. Last Night we stopped to see my cousin who had insisted I see her place for at least two years. I finally got to see it in person and I got to finally give her my take on it. Really I was impressed by how neat it was and it was nice to see her in a good spot. Our family is a little on the weirder side so its nice to see that things have panned out well for her so far. I don't know if she will stay here where she but for what she has going for her I think its a nice change of pace. 

With that happy time under our belt we went to the hotel and got some well needed sleep. Now we are on the road heading to the city to set up our tent and relax before we start the real fun. There's a bar we might hit later on and a very nice wine store that also sells beer. We might even start our hunt for different kinds of fudge as well as weaponry. Who knows what the afternoon holds for us. We first have to get there. 

Truth be told I always look forward to the weapon shop. Just because every year is different and every year surprises me. There is always something new and I always end up coming home with more then I could need but hey, why not right? 

While we are on our way up to this amazing spot I do ask that you guys check out the artwork I have for sale. I have plenty of pieces to choose from and I certainly would love to sell some pieces and say goodbye to them. So here is two of my older pieces of artwork. 

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