We made it to the top
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2019-06-07 10:55 by Sarah Denninger
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We made it to the top

Every year that we have been up to Mackinaw City we have always been late on getting reservations on the campground. When I say late I don't mean the usual "Your late so you cant get a reservation" deal. I mean "Your late so you wont get a lake view campground" sorta deal. This year we booked our reservations back in January so we got to make reservations to be on the lake front the entire time were there. Really its quite a nice change from the usual spots we get. Once we got our tent set up I took a moment to take it all in. The scenery is just so beautiful and I love the weather we get every time we are up here. 



Its always around 70 and every time we get sunshine with it which makes it even better. Back home right now it is raining and at least in the high 60's so I can say that we left at a good time.

After we had set up everything at our camp site we went ahead and did our walk around town. We visited the Keyhole bar where we had a drink adn then some early dinner. After that we visited my favorite weapon shop and I purchased a few fun and pointy objects for my collection of weaponry. Really I probably should stop purchasing items but at the same time why would I? The stuff is just way to cool. Once that was completed we got a few beers, some chocolates from Kilwins and then proceeded to go back to the campsite to set up a fire and have some fun. The nice thing about having a big ass fire...well its super freaking warm and makes for some great conversations. 

I love going here every year and I hope we will keep up the tradition. Does your family have any yearly traditions? 


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