Lets get this shi* done
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2019-06-12 10:51 by Sarah Denninger
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Lets get this shi* done

There's something about being home after you go on vacation. Yesterday we were putting things away, cleaning up the house, and doing laundry. You know, the usual routine that people do once you get home. It resets the mood and it makes things fall back into place. Today is the official reset day. Now that everything is back in place and it is all accounted for we can fall back into the routine we have.  Of course it may take a day or two for us to fully swing back into it but that is ok. 

Of course its gonna take some time to readjust back to the humidity aspect of things but I think overall things should fall back into place quite nicely. There are many more trips coming up and I feel better then I did when I went on vacation. There was plenty of time to think, let loose and just be. I think we sometimes need those moments to ourselves so that we can reset and when we come back go into the full beast mode and get **** done. Now that I am home again and looking at everything that I need to get done I know that I am ready to make things move forward. Despite everything that I have been feeling and what I have been going through I know that I need to keep moving forward. After all if you dont move forward in life then what are you doing? Being a sitting duck? Wondering about the ifs, ands, and buts? 

I would hope not but I can understand why people do that. I was even like that years ago. Always wondering what the other possibilities were and what I could have done differently but now that I have grown up my mindset has changed. What you decide you have to live with and that is all there is to it. You can either grow and move on or you can sit and be the same person you were yesterday. Not me. I got **** to do and nobody is going to stop me from doing it. 

So lets get this **** done and keep moving forward. 

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