The Springs
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2019-06-28 08:00 by Sarah Denninger
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The Springs

In a couple of hours me and the girls will be at Ecofina Springs. When I was younger I am more than sure I had visited there a few times but to be honest I have a vague memory of it. I’m not sure why but it might have just been because I was so young. So of course we all chose to go there to check this place out and to spend some time together. Everyone that is going today climbs at the Rock wall and we all kind of need this time to chat, hangout, and get to know one another. We each get along septate but together I think we have some work to do. Of course I’m not sure if that's just me or if that’s just what everyone feels but I will roll with it. 

The weather here is pretty nice right now. Slowly the sun is coming up and I can see some clouds but no rain. That’s always a good sign. 

We will be there bright and early to get our kayaks and to enjoy the cold water. Really I think it will be excited to see what this adventure will bring and of course I am bringing the Go Pro with me on this adventure. I’m pretty excited to see how it does at the springs but I am also pretty nervous about it. I just hope it survives the trip. Keep your fingers crossed. 

Here we comes Econfina Springs. Let’s have some fun today and get nice and cold!

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