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2019-07-09 10:54 by Sarah Denninger
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It.Is.Complete. Oh my gosh. I am so relieved right now. I finally got this piece done and I can finally take a deep breath and let all my stress and anxiety over it go. Honestly it took so long to do all three at once but I am glad that I did. If I had split them up I feel like the pieces wouldn't have been as amazing as they were together. Each piece is a different part of the bible. 

The first piece, the darkest one, was the creation of the world. The white going through the dark is God's presence or the holy spirit. The middle piece is Jesus's baptism which I think was one of my favorites to make because of the colors in the piece itself. Not only are they great transitional colors but they also are some of my favorite colors to work with. The third piece is the pentecost which was not only weird but interesting. Really if you look closely it has a lot going on but I feel like that was the pentecost itself. The holy spirit was passing down his knowledge to others and to go spread the word. It had to be chaotic, eye opening and just so out of this world. 


I honestly dont know what the church will think when they see it but I am so excited to show them and see what they think. I hope it works out and I hope that I make them happy when they see this work in its complete form. 

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