We have a lot going on for august
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2019-07-23 10:30 by Sarah Denninger
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We have a lot going on for august

I'm not going to lie I am really pumped about my trip in August. Well there are two things that I am excited for. One is my dad's birthday. I am surprising him with something that he really wants to do but of course, it is a surprise so I can't say anything on here or he will know. The other is the trip I am taking to see my mom, an old middle school friend, and of course a chance to go outdoor climbing. I am so excited to do all of those things and to just live life. Right now I can say that I am pretty happy and that I don't mind spending as much as I am right now. Life is short and I want to experience as much as I can while I am here and just be happy. 

So of course that means everybody is going to have to wait to see how both of these events play out. I know that my Dad is anxious to know what I got him but the surprise factor is still in full. I hope that he likes what I got. 

Of course with that all being said I do ask that you guys take a look at my artwork. The next two months are going to be a little on the expensive side and I appreciate anybody who purchases pieces from me. It helps fund my travels and I really would love to get some extra cash flowing. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

So click here to go check out my artwork. 

 would really appreciate it if you guys could purchase some pieces to help with these awesome activities that I have going on. You will not want to miss the videos when they come out. 

Thank you guys so much and I hope you all are ready to see the adventures that I have in store!

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