Last Day with the sweetest dog on the planet
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2019-07-28 11:02 by Sarah Denninger
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Last Day with the sweetest dog on the planet

Today is my last day With Bonnie. Honestly I’m kind of sad that my time with her is coming to an end. She has been amazing and such good company. She snuggles with people at night, she listens to you when you call her, she plays fetch, she doesn’t really shed, and she is just so sweet with everyone she meets. She just confirms that if I got a dog that I would be in ultimate animal heaven. It’s just so nice to have a dog and be able to take walks with a companion. Of course if I got my own dog I would eventually have the dog start running with me. I think that would be the way I would go for sure. 


Of course today I am going to spend most of my day playing fetch with Bonnie and just enjoying our last day as best friends. Really I am sure that she misses her actual parents and I am so honored to have spent time with Bonnie like I have. I also know that this is probably the last time I will see Bonnie. I know that her owners are moving back to California sometime soon and not only will I miss them but I will miss this wonderful dog. Of course I know that they are excited to move back to California but I will be sad about their departure. 

For now though, Bonnie and I will be outside, playing in the water. 


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