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2019-07-29 09:28 by Sarah Denninger
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Yesterday I said goodbye to Bonnie. I’m glad I got the chance to hang out with her and to have the weekend with her. I learned a lot about myself and I will say that it was kind of weird sleeping my bed without her. I got used to waking up and seeing those puppy eyes staring at me. I even got used to the kisses I received when I would get up and she would be excited to up and start the day with me. Honestly I do miss it all and it has increased my want for a dog someday. Of course it was also a nice insight to the breed itself because I have considered getting a weimaraner. She was a small version of one but still a good lesson for me. 

I don’t know If I will ever get to spend some quality time with Bonnie again but I can say that I am glad that I got to have the time I did with her. She really helped me out and she gave me some time to connect with myself and have real fun. Plus she was just a great model for my photography. Just perfect all around. 


I know that they are moving back to California soon so I do wish them all the best. It was fun to have them around and I really enjoyed spending time with them and getting to know them. All three of them have such amazing personality’s and I hope that if I ever make it out to California that I can stop by and say hello. Of course we will see what happens in the future since you never really know until your there. So cheers to the future and to hopefully being able to hangout and see them after they move back. 


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