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2019-09-02 13:55 by Sarah Denninger
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I think we all go through that transition when we get back from vacation. The one where you feel refreshed but you are having a hard time getting back into your normal groove. For me its been difficult since I have been working so much since I got back. Of course, I can't necessarily complain because I need the money but it still sucks and it still puts a damper on things. Working at a gym is nice until you have to clean every day for six days in a row. Then things become difficult and you really do struggle with being at your job because you know that you have to find MORE cleaning to do and its hard when you really aren't feeling the cleaning vibe. 

Right now I am on day five and I really am struggling with work. I know in another week or so I will be back to my normal routine and it won't be as bad. I know that eventually I will settle back down and get back into the flow. It takes a while for me to really get things moving again and to feel good about where I am. It's just difficult when you have that travel bug and I can say that I have it to the max. I want to get back into my car and take off. I want to just go and not say anything. I want to be free of normal everyday things. 

Sadly that isn't how life is. The norm is...well the norm. You have to follow the rules until you can find a way around it and right now I am doing what I can to get by until I find a way around the rules. I love my job and I love the people I am around but man does it suck to be stuck. I can't wait to find my dream home on wheels and I can't wait to do what I love the most. 


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