You've got balls
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2019-11-05 14:34 by Sarah Denninger
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You've got balls

One of my favorite things to hear is "You've got balls". Every time I hear it my eyes almost instinctively roll into the back of my head. Sometimes I can stop it but other times, it just happens on a random occurrence and I just can't seem to stop it in time. Most people will most away from the subject because of the reaction but others seem to persist to let me know why they felt the need to say something like that to me. 

It all comes from the fact that I travel alone and I have been doing it for about five years now. The past two years I have traveled alone to other countries and the reason comes down to people not committing fully to going. Honestly, it's frustrating and I have talked about this in my previous posts. Most of the people that I know will say that they want to go somewhere or do something but 95% of the time they back out. 

So when the phrase "You've got balls" comes into the conversation I usually get pretty frustrated. When I go to explain why I do what I do most people get quiet. My reasoning is simple. 

I don't have time to wait for people. 

I don't have time to spare waiting, wondering if people will ever fully commit to something. Honestly, it's one of those things that I preach about. If you want to go somewhere, why wait? Why waste all this time, energy and resources to just sit around and wonder if others will actually go with you. Not only is that pain for you but it also leads to disappointment when things don't work out. It could even lead to you spending money that you might not be able to get back. 

Things just get complicated when it comes to waiting for people and if your friends are those kinds of people who you know are finicky and arent 100% into committing it might be best to create a system that works for you. I always make plan A, which is the plan with my friends in it and then there is plan B, which is the trip with just me. I think it helps to have both plans so when things don't really work out then you have something to fall back on and look forward to. 

So no matter what people think, just go on the adventure. If people think you have balls, just take it as a compliment and move forward. 

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