Death, Tears, and Friendship
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2018-03-19 10:43 by Sarah Denninger
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Death, Tears, and Friendship

Yesterday I attended a service for a friend of mine. Her father passed away very suddenly and I wanted to be there to support her in this tough time. Once I was at the service I said my condolences and gave her some flowers I had purchased. I think i was the only one who brought flowers. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to bring to something like this. All I knew was that I wanted to be there and say some words to this man who I wish I got to know. Getting to her I gave her a big hug and told her how sorry I was. Of course the words "I’m sorry" never do any justice in these sort of situations. Especially when its someone who you know is in more hurt and brokenness then you can understand. 

After saying hello and hugging her we made our way inside the church. Let me just say that it was a beautiful service and I cried quite a lot. I don’t really believe in God or a higher power but I did think that it was a wonderful way to show who he was. Of course there was this moment when the priest started talking about how life is all about the little moments and how beautiful life is. He gave us all these little details that we all do and take for granted. It really got to me and I understood what he was saying. It clicked somewhere in my mind. 

My heart hurts for my friend and I hope that her and her family know that they are very loved and that they will get through this tough time. I didn’t know the man personally but I did know that he loved his daughter, my friend, and because of that I knew that he was something special. 

Take time for others, tell them you love them, make time for little moments and most important...don’t forget to be who YOU want to be. 


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