Hurting a little bit
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2019-02-06 09:07 by Sarah Denninger
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Hurting a little bit

There's always something going on here at Buffalo and today will be no exception. Yes it is raining but that doesnt mean we wont find something else to do. We might go climb or do something else that's indoorsy. The past five days we have been running around doing hikes, snowboarding, running, and of course throwing axes. Its been a lot of fun and I honestly feel like we will be totally exhausted by the time we get home. I know that right now my legs are super sore so i'm not sure how much I can do realistically but I will try my best to climb with everything I have. 

While you guys are waiting to hear the verdict on how the climbing gym up here is I do ask that you guys heck out my art gallery. It has been changed to being more convenient so that you guys can just click the buy button without having to wait for emails or send checks. Everything is now done through paypal. It really is exciting.  

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

If you want to see the other pieces click here 

Thank you guys and stay tuned for more stories. 

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