Hockey game
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2019-02-08 11:38 by Sarah Denninger
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Hockey game

I went to my very first hockey game last night. I never really go into sports because my family doesnt really have an interest in the usual get together for the big games like football, hockey, baseball and so on. We just kind of ignore it when the game is going on and go about our business. Yet this time around we were asked if we were interested and both D and I agreed to go. After all it wasn't just us going and we were down to try something new. So we all went there and immediately got in the drink line. When it was our turn to check out we learned that if you have a license that specifically says its a license for someone that's under 21 then they can't serve them alcohol. Honestly it was frustrating and it made me want to go ahead and just get the license changed. 

After the drink problem was taken care of we went to our seats and got comfortable. Our seats were up towards the top so that we could see the entire rink and understand what was going on.Soon the game was going and we were quickly swept into the game. Honestly the rules weren't explained but I think it was a good thing they weren't. It seemed pretty straight forward and while we watched D and I got into the game and were quickly cheering the team on like true Buffalo fans. 

The game was fun to watch and it honestly was an experience that I think was quite awesome to see. Now I don't think I will change my ways really and watch games more often but I do think that if I get asked to go to another hockey game that I would go. It was fun and I honestly loved the experience. Anything new I get to experience is a good thing in my book. 


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