Snowmobiling for the first time
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2019-02-10 10:14 by Sarah Denninger
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Snowmobiling for the first time

When I was younger we had a jet ski. The jet ski was one of my favorite things to use on the water. It was fast, fun. And you could do doughnuts all day. It really was a treat whenever we got to go and I always felt alive driving it on the water. As I got older so did the jet ski and eventually it got to to a point where fixing it just wasn't worth it anymore. So we sold it. For years I've missed that free feeling I used to get whenever I drove the jet ski. It was like I was flying every time. 

Yesterday we made our way our to Syracuse where it just so happened we would be doing some snowmobiling. I've never done it before and I was pretty pumped for it. It sounded like fun and of course it was almost mixed with the snow which made it 10x better. Cold, snow and sports all mixed in one. Now that was my cup of tea. 

Once the mechanics was explained to me (which was pretty simple considering that it was just like a jet ski) I quickly caught on to the controls .as a kid I only knew two modes. All out or stop .There wasn't much in between and I pretty much operate the same way now. The only exception is the car since it is my main way or getting around. 

So with our guide up front and us on the snow mobiles we made our way out into the field where we decided to do some test runs. Just to make sure we can turn them and to get used to the speeds of the snowmobile. After about fifteen minutes we headed out on the trails and made our way through the snow. Honestly it was so beautiful. The scenery was breathtaking and I felt like I was in a winter Wonderland. 

After some trails we came out to an open field where we played with the hills and got some air. We learned how to wheelie and we learned the differences between the snowmobiles. One was lighter then the other so it could go much faster then the average snow mobile and it was quite the machine to play around with. 

Towards the end of our adventure we crossed some roads to make our way to the lake. It was frozen solid all the way around and at first glance it didn't look like a lake. It looked like a big open field and I was surprised when I found out it was a lake itself.  So we did a couple of rounds going on the lake and once we were done we headed back. 

In total we spent three hours out there just going wild on the snowmobile. It was a crazy amount of fun and I honestly felt like I was flying again. It was such a wonderful time and I loved every single bit of it. 

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