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2019-03-14 13:28 by Sarah Denninger
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I’m not really sure what it is but I am not feeling the whole "be active" thing today. I was supposed to get up today and go for a run before my dental appointment but I just couldn’t get out of bed for the life of me. I think I am just having one of those slumps and I know I will get out of it in a few days. I just have to keep pushing and moving forward. I’m sure everyone has these days and I am not the only one. It just puts the things you had in mind on hold for the time being. Today is an easy day and that is ok. There’s a lot going on but I’m not going to push it or complain about it. 

In the meantime I do ask that you guys check out my stuff and see what you do and don’t like. A few pieces had to be taken down because of Midnight destroying them and for that I do apologize. I have learned my lesson and no longer will be putting pieces within his reach. I just hope that I can keep him away from my artwork and that he doesn’t figure out how to open doors or it’s going to get tricky. 

As always I appreciate you guys and I am sorry I haven’t had any stories lately. It’s been a weird time and I am just trying to keep moving forward. I have a YouTube channel that posts videos every other week and I have an Instagram where I post pictures and get a little personal with my life. My name is sarah_and_spice and you can totally check it out and follow along for daily posts. I quite enjoy talking to my followers so definitely check it out and follow along. 

Thank you guys and stay tuned for what is coming. 


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