Experience? What's that?
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2019-08-07 10:29 by Sarah Denninger
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Experience? What's that?

I can say that things have been pretty good recently. There have been a few times here and there where I was wondering about myself and some of my decisions but I have finally gotten past that and I am just focusing on myself again and what makes me happy. Honestly I feel pretty good and I definitely can say that I am excited to see what the future holds again. Of course there are plenty of things in between that are going to happen before I get to my end goal but I think that right now I am pretty satisfied. 

I mean I did take my Dad Skydiving and even though i'm broke from the little adventure I do feel pretty good about giving back to him. Usually we don't celebrate with anything big. Its normally beer, a nice place to eat, and maybe a song or two along with a movie at the end of the night. This year though I decided to go ahead and give back to the big man himself. He puts up with my **** all the time so I decided that it was time to say thank you. Of course it was expensive but I figured that was icing on the cake. 

Skydiving with my dad flipped a switch in me and when I watch the video back I can tell that I really needed that experience again. It just re-lit whatever feeling I had inside and I am feeling pretty good about myself. Of course I wouldn't say to go skydiving if you are having a hard time. Only go skydiving if you really want to, not to reset your brain and feelings. 

(Seriously, please don't)

So right now life is good. Its moving in a positive direction and I feel really good about what is to come. 
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