My Broke Ass
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2019-08-08 11:40 by Sarah Denninger
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My Broke Ass

I think everyone can pretty much relate to this scenario (as an adult). Right now I can say that I am broke asssss ffffuuuccckkk right now. It honestly has been pretty stressful to think about and even though I know I can pay off the card I just can't help the stress I feel from knowing how much is on it. Of course its also a good thing because I will get some reward back but the anxiety is up there. I think it may be mostly because I have two big trips around the corner and I on top of that I have some other expenses that are slowly creeping in on me. But of course, that is the way that life rolls. One minute everything is peachy and your doing well and the next you wonder how you got in the position your in. 

Of course I saw it coming. I did the math before the dive and I don't regret anything. The fact of the matter is that I do have back up savings just in case but I will do what I can to not use that. I think its mainly because I know that I might need that money at some other point and time and I want to be able to reserve as much as I can but we will see what happens and how things play out. I am hopeful and I know that I will be doing more at work to make up more money and to feel like i'm in a good spot overall. Of course if you guys purchase some artwork then that would be even better. 

As a reminder all my artwork is 10% off right now so make sure to go take a look. 

As always thank you guys and I am off to go do some fun errands. Hope you all have a wonderful day today. 

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