Retaking life
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2019-08-11 09:07 by Sarah Denninger
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Retaking life

Next week I will be on this long road trip. I will be going to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Tulsa Oklahoma. Two out of three places I have been to before but the third is brand new to me. Why am I driving so far in only a week? Well the reason is..because I want to. I want to drive to all these places and I want to have an amazing time. I want to experience everything each place has to offer and have a good time with everybody. I will be seeing my mom and her wife, some friends that I made through the gym I work at and of course an old best friend of mine from middle school. All of these people in my life are important and each one has different things to offer me. 

Sure I will be driving long hours and I will probably get very little sleep while I am away but that is also part of the fun. I get to experience life at its fullest and I get to be away from home for a little while. This will be a trip that will set the mood for Iceland. This will be the tester trip to see if I still enjoy going places on my own. 

For almost a year I have been with others on trips. I was either with my dad, my ex, or friends. This time I am going back on the road by myself. I am retaking something that I once cherished. To be honest, having other people with me is fun but I feel like I need this week for myself. I need some time to reset my mind and to think things through. I need to just let me thoughts go and invest in my time. So I am hoping that I will be able to video my thoughts while i am gone. Maybe do a vlog of some sort over the week where I give my feelings on being alone, driving long distance and what I learn while I am away. Sure I went by myself to New Orleans in June but it was only a day, if that. 

So this will be good for me and I am excited about it. 

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