Some problems
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2019-08-14 16:14 by Sarah Denninger
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Some problems

Today I got a chance to look at the campervan that I told you all about yesterday. TO be straight forward, there is a lot that needs to be done. When I Say a lot, I mean a lot. Cosmetically it needs quite a bit done to the inside and really that's not a big deal. It will take time, sure but it's manageable. For the other repairs, I am a little bit iffy on. First, there is a compression problem which isn't a good sign. It could be a minor issue or it could be an "it will eventually stop working and there's no way to fix it" issue and with the tools, we had there was no way to know with one visit. 

The AC needs some work because even with it on full blast it seems to not want to blow in any cold air and if I am going to have animals with me in this house on wheels then that is an obvious thing that needs to be fixed right away. Along with that, the gas gauge isn't working. It's one thing to have it be a quarter of a tank off on how much is left buts another entirely when you have no indication of how much is in the actual tank. 

So for right now, we are going to put a maybe on it. We need to really find someone who has a compression tester so that we can go back and see if that is something that can be fixed without any issue or if its a flat out no. Really I hope that it's minor and it can be fixed but I am trying to not get my hopes up. It is everything I need and yes, it needs maintenance but almost everything I have been interested in needs maintenance done on it. I'm just hoping for the best situation out of all the situations that are being shown to me. 

Fingers crossed people. 

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